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I have a problem with trusting the things people tell me to be true. It usually never occurs to me in the moment that people could be lying to me. Y’all got any advice on this? Feel free to use this as a thread about the nature of trusting people too.
I think in order to be skeptical enough to decide what not to believe, you have to practice thinking critically about everything, including what you already do believe.
Frame it more positively in your mind. Think, this person is probably not deliberately lying to me. This person may be confidently misinformed or they may feel certainty about something that is not true.

As far as people deliberately lying to you... I'm not sure. Pathological liars I tend to believe as well until I find out later they were patently lying to me. People who feel no remorse or hesitation about lying are difficult for me to tell they are lying.
I'm permanently incredulous to a fault.
Stay that way. Methodological skepticism is adaptive as hell.
I've dealt with both the misinformed and pathological liars. I do kind of keep receipts in my head that this person has said something I've since learned to be untrue (rarely/sometimes/often) and gauge how to approach them from there. I'm not necessarily like "I know you said this thing that was untrue in the past" but I do maybe approach those people with more skepticism.
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