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Oh no.
disintegrates into chalk?
can someone link the math problem thread i cant find
Just took the easiest test I've ever done.
wanna know something? so, my school chromebook is shitty and all because of low memory space cloud data bullshit, and it takes, like, 30 minutes (if it was exaggerated) to load up a video on youtube. samsung, a very good guy, gave me a website called "indivious," where mostly no videos are restricted (except for age restricted videos, which are supposed to be restricted for their own good), and i was on a video about planet coaster just now, when it kept buffering every 30 seconds. it paused and played, showing the spinning wheel of death along the way. indivious is supposed to be a faster website than youtube, yet it does that.
did tcas school get sandboxed...?
either way i’m on mobile cus my chromebook blocks tcas and bonk
You can play bonk on your phone?
yes and i’m damn fine at it too
Oh, I have no controls on a phone.
i’m kidding
mother's hay fever is acting up
Let the blood rush out.
the information i posted a few days ago has been edited for less information, you can stop reading this message now.
Yes, yes it is.
oh, and on may 14, it was my berfday! how cool is that?
happy late birthday
oh, and on may 14, it was my berfday! how cool is that?
Happy birthday.
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