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Hello, Tesa.
Hello, AckyYackyAttack.
I think you're so cool.
Why, thank you, Tesa.
You're welcome, AckyYackyAttack.
This ends poorly. I give it 24 hours, tops.
Well, Kylljoy, let's make it last.
Goodbye, Tesa. Kylljoy got it right.
Wow, people are quick on the draw.

Unfortunate that reality always overshadows fantasy and idealism, but such is life.
Man, that really was quick. Like, less than an hour?
Yeah. The question is: was it a troll who wanted to ruin the account, or someone who wanted to disable the account so it couldn't ruin the forum again?
Or, option 3, a mod who had flashbacks from the old TESA and knew what would happen.
Do not create sock puppet accounts.
I was not the creator, but I am sorry for participating in the account, Your Holiness.
...Sometimes I feel like making music but I just can't get the motivation to do it. And it usually sounds terrible at the end.

On another note, finished OneShot. Another personal favorite of mine. Expect a new post in the Avatars forum thread soon.
Relatable post right here.
I got a good score on my geography test today and the test wasnt even that hard. I got my science results yesterday and they were pretty decent, although they were 12 marks off. 79% :(
consternation summer clothes
ive slept a total of 14 hours this week. i feel i may throw up
Stripes, the better answer may be to get more sleep. Fortunately, the weekend awaits, so you can sleep in all you want.
Marvin you are so right i cant wait to get home and go sleepy
Sleeping is indeed nice.

If I'm correct, you live in a timezone 6 hours ahead of me, which means you're even closer to coming home and sleeping than I thought.
Bleh, getting up at 9:00 for class is the worst. I don't know how you children do this every day.
my timezone is EST. eastern standard time. flordia, babey. 4 more hours till im home. i have to get up at, like, 6 am, ugh
Oh, I got you confused with someone else. Living in central time means that nobody shares the same time as you.
Alright, be sure not to fall asleep in class, bud.
Also, yeah, anyone else wake up at 5:00 every morning?
I mean, I woke up at 3:00 and wandered around the RH for a bit before going back to sleep for another four hours.

I am currently scarfing down sushi and coffee in the CS building cafe. I don't drink caffeine that often, but I am feeling really out of it right now.
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