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someone purple did NOT murder you.

stop lying, elizabeth.
The Man Behind The Slaughter
k, if this thread dies, ok
sorry i just felt it would be rude to continue talking if no one wanted to talk too
i mean, we should have at least 3 people talking here, or else this thread is useless

if we're gonna talk to each other only, just between the two of us, we'd have to move it to PMs
ugg i have a headache this morning
how about taking a hot shower?
im at school. I wish tho
damn son

how about rubbing your head
or do you need to wash your hands before you do that
i sometimes do it when it feels like my eyebrows are aching so much they're about to fall off
i got banned from sending messages for some damn reason
i wonder why
what? how
idfk, i just noticed it before i drew my april fools avatar
here we go again
when the funi hits
weird words
big bruh
it looks like summer outside
why haven't the leaves on the trees outside grown yet?
where is everyone?
i just got back from vacation

spring break, woop woop
i mean, TCaS seemed a bit empty just now.
yeah, i agree

it does get a bit deserted at times

but what do you expect? this is by no means a mainstream forum.

edit: i mean it's already sick that we get pretty round the clock moderation

edit 2: @cheese man why do we get banned so often? i don't get it.
I agree with the fact this isnt a mainsteam compared to gender race or claimed souls
i meant the entire forum. this entire website. tcas as a whole.

and speaking of which, if you suddenly teleported a deepsea, say, amphipod to sea level, would it explode? (was that a run on sentence?)

and what if the amphipod simply ascended at a slow, but constant rate?

what would happen due to the change in pressure?

edit: is gravity stronger at the bottom of the sea? how does gravity change how it affects you underwater?
if soundwaves are just vibrations and vibrations travel slower underwater, would listening to music underwater make it go at half speed?

i'm studying to be a supergiant amphipod so i need to know by friday
Gravity is stronger closer to the centre of earth, so yes it's stronger. No being underwater doesn't change gravity, but the pressure of the water is massively higher. Roughly ten metres of depth increases the pressure you feel by one atmosphere so in theory you could explode a deep sea creature by teleporting it.
"hey, kadaevr? how come you never use your main account anymore?"

-me, to myself because nobody's asking me that
trollfaces are fun to draw tbh
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