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can you draw me a Pepe the frog pfp?
i cannot because i kinda suck at 3d drawing, sorry
i finally finished it

who wants extras?
i do not like to be stared at when i wake up in the middle of the night
it scares me, especially since it is dark in the bedroom
i do not want my brother to be staring at me when i get up from the bottom end of the bunk bed
i do not want him staring at me from up the stairs when i go up, without a word, eyes wide open
it is disturbing, and i do not like it
Uh, was a post deleted or something?
Oh, I thought that there was an image someone shared or something.
Coldfrost said:
You know what I dislike? Running across blatantly wrong information on educational websites.

Why are all of these phase diagrams wrong? WTF is this shit, claiming that at this temperature there will be Pearlite and Cementite, what does that even mean why are you putting microstructures on a phase diagram?? That's like saying that the house is built out of bricks and wall. Don't put friggin structures on a compositional phase diagram ya dingus.

Listen. I get that it's confusing that both the structures and the building blocks they're made out of have the same suffixes. That is no excuse to make a diagram intermixing them. Pearlite is already made from Cementite and Ferrite. Why is this on a popular engineering blog. What are you doing, stop it immediately I will call the metallurgy police on you.

This is metal AF.
broncoboy18 is not only my favorite tc&s user, he's also the best and the funniest tc&s user.
thank you
to be honest, i agree
thank you
I like your daily puns.
just a sec
ColeEloc said:
e-bag said:
I like your daily puns.

Thank you
Titan an alt?????
what r u talking about
did TCaS just... crash???
Yeah, quite the conversation on TPOL's discord in the meantime
I thought the site went down to update to crayon. It was supposed to have updated on April 12 according to blake
well that was dumb
yeah, blake what happened to that?
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