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So...I'm not sure if this is a thing that everyone has, or just some random thing wrong with me, but for some reason I can sort of shift my temple upwards just naturally, really just rotating my ears upward and seemingly shifting the forehead slightly upward. Most people I've shown it to seem to be befuddled, so I decided to look it up but all I got were health articles. Does anyone know what this is or can they do it as well?
Damn, apparently the answer was as obvious as some people being able to wiggle their ears. The genetics are kinda cool, though.
I was very confused at first until I realized you meant the part of the skull.
I'm still confused. Is it wiggling your ears, or something entirely different?
It's most likely just moving your ears, but I feel like it's something a bit different. Google really doesn't like cooperating with me, so I wouldn't know otherwise. I'm just going to go with it's wiggling your ears.
I think it just feels like youre doing that
I don't think youre ACTUALLY moving your forehead upwards
i second that

i thought you wanted help beating the stone tower temple from majora's mask
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