ForumGeneral Discussion ► discuss your pain and suffering here
if you're extremely sad and having a mental breakdown, let me help you
i don't want other people experiencing my suffering (unless it's a specific fandom)
there are exceptions
and if you post something disturbing here, i won't forgive you
poikichoi keeps sending this horrifying cat to me
i think i'm developing symptoms of ailurophobia
whenever i look at an image of a cat, i think of the cat with flowers as its eyes
it's horrible
can somebody send me a picture of a dog
and not smile dog, that creepypasta
just an adorable smiling dog
can someone please
now there are two of them, but one of them are worse

Cheese man, here's your dog image.
Save your eyes with this

e-bag said:

Cheese man, here's your dog image.

i am ok now

i don't want that bloody, teethy cat in my gallery
the cat, as long as the image is in pixels and not in my face, is ok for me now
hoylecake has gone too far
I think the cat is rather cute.
yes, i'm starting to think that too
they did it again
i hate you
Yo. If someone asks you to stop sending them something, how about you stop sending it? It's kinda an asshole move to keep throwing something in someone's face after they've explicitly said it bothers them.

That's not just good fun any more. That's bullying. How about you cut it out?
Seriously. Once the line between friendly ribbing and straight-up harrassment starts to blur, you are clearly in the wrong.
thank you
NP. "Be respectful" is part of the site rules for a reason.

And if you are genuinely feeling bullied any time, don't be afraid to PM a mod. They're around to basically serve this exact purpose.
Kylljoy said:
NP. "Be respectful" is part of the site rules for a reason.

user64837 said:
Nothing against you but I gotta say I really really hate Pepe memes/pictures. There's so much baggage with it.
Yep. For anyone unaware, Pepe has been appropriated by alt-right racists and Nazis. Not cool to use any more.
Honestly they weren’t really all that cool to begin with. I mean they came from 4chan’s bowels.
i am

ab itch
what did you do to be a bitch?
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