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is it against the law to drink expired milk?
Depends on if you live in the Midwest US and/or also if it was chunky.
well, people would hate expired milk, but i think you're a poor thing. i don't think it's illegal.
Chunks are good in milk
mmm chew it
ewww disgusting
did my last post get deleted or smth? i don't even remember what i posted. maybe i didn't post anything at all.

edit to spare the life of an innocent kitten: wasted another day dicking around on the internet :/
wait a second, a few pages got deleted
how weird is that
i don't think pages got deleted, i think i have stupid
i have the strangest relationship with procrastination

(realistically, it's probably an extremely common relationship with procrastination)
most probably it's common
existential dread, feeling lonely, deadlines.
frick homework, man.
looked up "astroslide" it assumed i typed "astroglide"
i wanted an sm64 romhack not lube dag nabbit
frick homework, man.

i get heaps of existential dread at the end of the day

it always happens at nightfall
i cringe
My friend might be dead because she hasn't talked to me in 6 days and i'm very very worried
Honestly, more likely that the internet/power broke or she's on a camping trip and forgot to tell me or maybe both happened.
still tho
also I fear I might be dying too sometimes
most times, it's because I'm too hot
so summer's going to be a pain in the butt.
I hope not.
bro i'm so tired right now
what did you do to be a bitch?

i'm pretty sure i said some generally insensitive things to people who didn't deserve to be treated that way but i'm also trying not to do that as much if possible
i can never seem to get the rolls i want in my gacha games

it gets to the point where i'm like, "what's even the point anymore?"
i want to do stuff but everytime i try i'm unable to focus on it and default to channel surfing random youtube videos and spamming refresh on the homepage of tcas again

and it's so mindnumbing but at the same time i can't stop

how do i stop
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