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Welcome! Please apply to join. This is NOT a cult. More information will be given later.

Organization Rules:
1) Be nice. Duh. Follow TC&S rules.
2) You must apply to join TOPAL.
3) Show emotions when appropriate.
4) If you are kicked out of TOPAL and you want to rejoin, then you must PM me at W_Licky.
5) Don't be inactive for too long. You know what that means.

Current Branches of TOPAL:
The Comedy: Plain Boring School (Main Play)
Art Market

I will put the other branches later. Any thread can be a branch. PM me to make a thread a branch. (It's basically free advertising.)

Application to TOPAL: PM me your answers to the following questions.
  • Currently No Application Needed. Just PM that you wanna be a member.

Anyone can chat on this forum but wouldn't it be nice to be a member? Not that there are rewards, other than bragging rights.

Current Members:

Be nice. And be a good and healthy friend.
Nah. Make it about hot peppers then I’m down. Potatoes are gross. Starch and nothing else. Your momma ain’t made you eat all your vegetables? You need lettuce, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, jicamas. You can’t just eat potatoes man.
Hot peppers? Ok. I don't care about that part. It can be about hot peppers.
You gotta eat ALL your vegetables. You cant just have peppers and potatoes. That’s too many p’s in one sentence. Gotta add different letters.
Life should cover that. Life should have all those veggies.
Potatoes are gross. Starch and nothing else.

I'm offended.

This is a joke.
Potatoes are gross.

Brad is disapointed
potatoes are a superfood

they are a supreme nutritious foodstuff

they're like the one root you can spend your entire life eating
potatoes are actually quite useful. they can be made into batteries and theyre used in osmosis experiments
Nope. They’re gross. Only palatable as fries. Any other way: fuck potatos.
dang ok ig
I guess you can smoke out of them but I mean that’s about it
Okay you’re right that they’re good tools for showing kids how osmosis works.
and i know that because my science class looked at potato skins through a microscope B)
We looked at the inside of our cheeks last year.
i hope youre not referring to what i think youre referring to
*Cheek cells rubbed out with a q-tip...
phew. thought u meant something else
I would love it if humanity, in general, had a "show emotions when appropriate" rule. (It's not, put them away.)
ok sorry i wont do it again
man you guys got actual skin samples? we had to work with the dehydrated kind.
Yeah, we just... rubbed the inside of our cheeks, spread it on a plate, put it under a microscope, and boom! That's your cells of your cheek.
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