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Thou gentle beings shall mind thine own temper and speakest none of thou crime.
But talkest thou of crime? Whither thou speakest of thine? Hold!

No idea what I'm saying lol.
MrEvilPie said:
Thou gentle beings shalt mind thy own temper and speakest none of thy crime.

Repaired, have I, your tenses broken there
But please, speak with 'phasis in such a way
It fits his way of writ and his of wit
With just ten beats and sylls on ev'ry line

Addenum 1 : Thy - "Your", Thine - "Yours"
Addenum 2 : I'm Talking About Using Iambic Pentameter
Hast thou lost thy mind? Listen thee, boy!
no i haven't losth my head
Fie, fie.
MrEvilPie is Licky's alt after some research and clues.
Then I get their soul "A person only has one soul, no matter the accounts"
It's not my alt. I wouldn't make an alt like that.
What!? Iā€™m not an alt!
Of course not.
this just convinces me that you are an alt
So in that case I'd get the soul
Wow. I swear that that guy is not my alt.
Lol that's a crude pie.
Yeah, lol.

Don't embarrass me guys.
I shall not study thy words you speak
For not Shakespearean, thou discuss thy swift stealing of souls
I may not rejoice in your words, not even thy squeak
For ev'ry word I wish not understand, your wit be cold.

I have no idea what I am doing.
Me neither.
Nobody likes Shakespeare? šŸ˜”
I do enjoy and rejoice with his words,
But I cannot speak with the tune of the nightingale bird,
For I, a mere potato, am unable to speak with the tongue
And I shall no longer have wit nor writ from my lung.
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