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This thread is for people who really don't like taking care of themselves

I may or may not have done something like this before so if this is a duplicate thread feel free to lock

Among some of my favorites include: shin ramyun (both black and red), indomie goreng, samyang noodles, and neoguri.

edit: in retrospect "ramen brands" probably would've been more accurate
Samyang ramen for sure. The hot chicken flavor with black bean sauce.
i like the plain spicy chicken ones

the spice is what makes it really stand out among other brands with similar flavor and texture

though from my list you could probably infer that i have a real penchant for chewy noodles
Black bean are great.

Samyang Buldak 2x are not too hot for my mouth but my intestines have asked me to stick to 1x.
Honestly I normally only put in half the sauce packet for Samyang since it's a little too spicy for me otherwise. I usually save the extra sauce since it's quite good with other stuff too.
I’ve had too much instant ramen in my life for me to think any of it is good anymore.
since we've exhausted all the relevant talking points, how about the worst ramen brands? i've definitely talked about this before on my alt, but it's for sure jml noodles. without a doubt the worst noodles out there. even top ramen is better.
Even that's better than maruchan?
no. jml noodles are far and away worse than every other i've tried to date.

maruchan isn't at all palatable but at least it's something i can get down if i hadn't eaten in the last 15 hours
(plus it's better than top ramen in my opinion)

(it's relevant because at a layover, the only food the airport had were jml noodles and i couldn't even bring myself to eat it)
beef teiyaki 8)
the only and best ramen flavor i tried is shin ramyun.
i've had cupped instant noodles, but i never had fresh bowls of ramen, except for shin ramyun. to be honest, of all the instant noodle flavors that are spicy for me, it's tom yum that's best.
I once had a bowl of kimchi ramen, found some spider webs in it and got deterred, flavor was ok
that's some low quality service right there. WHERE'S THE MANAGER
Let me clarify, it was instant ramen in my house, it just was in my house for a very long time before I attempted to eat it
ohhh. that makes sense.
*me sitting here, sweating profusely because I've only eaten maruchan and top ramen*
When I used to eat ramen I would on occasipn fry hamburger up with onion, add peas and carrots and cheddar cheese.
I like beef
I never understood the appeal of cheesy ramen. It's like the most popular mukbang trend for some reason so I tried it but it tasted absolutely disgusting.
I never understood why anyone would want to eat sea food

i think i like neoguri not specifically due to its seafood-y nature, but rather a combination of its spice, texture, and aroma. the seafood is more a frosting than anything else.
*me sitting here, sweating profusely because I've only eaten maruchan and top ramen*

i can relate to you. i only eaten shin ramyun before, because my tongue is a coward!
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