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help people find something on the internet

i.e. you watched a music video but you cant remember the name or the lyrics and the only thing you know is what the music video looked like

im sure a lot of you guys have seen this video:

i simply want to know what this is for, why its here, how it got into my recommended so many times and who the deep voiced blonde guy is
this is more of thread about asking dumb question about the internet that you cant find super easily because internet people are really persistent sometimes. and i guess looking for things. work together to solve big internet mysteries. idk
theme music playing the background of dorkly's pokemon devil video

background music name of the lobby of spk's super spooky mario 666
Well hey if this is a thread to look for something you forgot or lost in memory; I’m looking for a game on the SNES.
It was a game with japenese theme. You’re playing as a character with a fan and you have a side kick thats a raccoon. One of the bosses ( i want to say is a nine-tail fox).

Anyways, if anyone knows what im talking about pls let me know!!!! Ive been trying to find this game to download as an emulator on my mini SNES to play.
whered you find out about this game?
I had it when I was a kid.

Also, forgot to mention you can change your side kick as you advance through the lvls. The main character kind of looks like Kikyo from Inuyasha but without the long bow. Instead she uses a harisen fan.
what genre would you say it would be, like a platformer?

and did you play with a physical cartage
Yeah its definitely a platform game and yes a cartridge
If you can describe the plot
I can vaguely remember it having to do with monks and spirits. I remember a dragon but the main boss i swear its the nine-tail fox. Thats all I remember😔

Edit: A dragon may not be in this game i could be confusing it with the dragon from DBZ. Sorry lol
Was it on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or the Super Famicom?
Tell me if im wrong but isnt it the same console?! The only difference is one came out in NA and the other in japan🤔

Anyway, im more than sure it did so yeah it came out on both consoles lol
This should have a list of all platformers released on Nintendo consoles, if it's not there you can always check
So there’s this thing you can find on google earth, it’s somewhere in Canada and you have to go into street view to find it. It’s just some guy sitting at a table on the side of the road, wearing a horse mask and eating a banana. I found out about this on TikTok around a year ago and very desperately want to find it again but I longer have TikTok and I dont remember where it is

Please help I don’t why I have such a strong urge to see it again
According to this article, he was spotted somewhere in Victora, British Columbia. If you're looking for it on Google Maps, I'm not sure where to find it, but it's somewhere on Vancouver Island. Luckily, it's sorta close to my area. Unluckily, I've only been to Vancouver Island once.
Thanks, I found a video on YouTube and one of the comments said it was in 1306 Liberty Drive, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
does anyone have a link to the clip where boris "the bojo" johnson makes steak and oven chips that were very good 👍?
You can google “Boris Johnson Makes Steak” to find it.
nathan why
Why what?
i fucking love this video.

where is this riff from
linkify it you fool
i dont remember what the title was, but there was a series animation which was about this guy who missed his family, all i remember is that there was an octopus with knives (pretty sure he made sushi) and there was a red thing following the guy, the guy was human
and the octopus died eventually i think, it was a good 8-10 episodes, and it had eerie music
the channel also sold merch for the animation series
it was on youtube btw
sushi octopus

sushi octopus
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