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This is the forum where you can share the unblocked sites for site unblocking and video downloading.
type pp after the youtube in the url to bring you to y2mate i guess

also you can just google search bandcamp downloader and it'll give you one
the youtube pp thing isnt working
fun fact my school was so paranoid that they even blocked safetube on the chromebooks
is this thread even legal?

anyways you can also get ublock for stuff you don't like

and disable javascript on websites you don't like adblock detect on

and delete cookies to listen to bandcamp indefinitely
1: thanks, 2: idk if it is legal
Nothing illegal so far in the USA I am not a lawyeror a cop but your school may penalize even attempting to evade or bypass usage controls. Go read the rules.

That said, just the fact that a request from your machine bounced off the web proxy at all probably won't be noticed unless it happens a lot.

Finally, I know this isn't of much practical use from the end-user's perspective, but web blockers are typically run off an externally-managed blocklist maintained by a vendor. So if you try some site and it's disallowed that's because WebSense or CheckPoint |c. had it in their database, not because old Mister Groucherson in the computer lab wanted to ruin your day specifically. Mister Groucherson bought a site license for a network infrastructure product that can ruin everyone's day at once.
Well, me and my irl friend (not E-Bag) found a lot that were unblocked, but then got blocked, so yeah.
Unblocked browser here
can't download unblocking apps
The word unblocked is blocked on our school laptops
Stop abusing quotes.
W_Licky said:
Stop abusing quotes.



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