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The Konami Code.
and what about it?
Idk it’s cool or something

I just wanted a reason to have the Konami code somewhere in the forums, I don’t mind if this thread dies quickly
We could talk about the appearance of it in other games
It’s in so many DDR games. Like too many.
that's one thats expected, what about the one in Super Monkey Ball Jr. that when entered says Super Nice Try
It's probably just me, but I find that that in more recent games, it's more harmful and useful, according to what I see in the videos in my recommended. It often leads to instant death. Pretty hilarious, though.
I think that’s hilarious. Use a well known code to try to get an edge and just die.
featured in contra, city of love (minecraft), and (also minecraft)

i posted a youtube link because no other record of the map exists anymore
and adventure time (sort of)

how can you press b and a in ddr?

also you forgot the start select
It's common for start and select to be excluded so I didn't put it in the title. DDR also has A and B buttons.

Edit: No it doesn't, don't know why I thought that

Edit 2: no they sometimes do what
what do your edits mean
yeah, the Super Mario DDR pad has A&B buttons
what do your edits mean

DDR has B and A sometimes. Sorry that was confusing.
Up up down down left right left right b a start
Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart
I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else
But you
  • Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches
I wasn't even aware this song had the Konami Code.
I thought it was select start, not start... Have I forgotten the Konami code? I used to use in on the NES for Contra back in the day.
There’s tons of variations. I wouldn’t be surprised if both “start” and “select” are used first in different games.
konami!?!?!? omg!!!
chart for "ugh"
Wrong order.

with the keybinds i prefer
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