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It's that time of year, people are graduating or finally done with the school year.

I'm graduating from eight grade. I'd like to thank my teachers, my online friends, and obviously my calculators. But most importantly, I'd like to thank my friends on TwoCans for pulling me through a boring second semester. I appreciate your company as because I am stuck in cyber space, I had little physical communication and contact with people from school.

Thank you.

^Terrible speech.

Now give me your speeches.
10th grade was a doozy

a lot like 9th grade in a way

in that a lot of it was computeritized due to the pandemic but uh

you know what that's fine i still pulled through

so yeah i'd like to thank the academy...
W_Licky said:
I'd like to thank my friends on TwoCans for pulling me through a boring second semester.

Aww :) ur welcome
Well I'd like to thank all the souls I've claimed and thr people behind them

Also f*ck you school see ya next year
Goodbye High School. See you never.
crisp and concise. i like it.
First year of college came and went. It's surreal thinking about how fast time flew when working on project or classwork. I've learned so much, yet I feel like I learned so little. I'm a much better programmer than I was back in August, but I still feel like I've only grazed the surface on what I should be doing.

With the end of the school year, I bid farewell to late nights working on projects and welcome late nights working on research. I bid farewell to conversations with classmates and welcome awkward interactions with coworkers and mentors. I bid farewell to zoom classes and welcome zoom meetings. Wait, that didn't change, did it? Ah well...

A toast to those who survived a virtual year. What an experience that was. Just be glad that it's all over and hope that something of value was gained, right?

I'll see you all around the forums sometime.


School's coming to a close once again soon, so let's give our remarks of the academic year.
School begins in 1 month
I'd like to keep this short and sweet.

Thank you.
fuck you school see you never
School's nearly over. Big thanks to my first semester PE teacher for being a total cock sucking moron. Another thanks to all the morons running around my school, faking depression and being assholes. Real, non-sarcastic thanks to Muck for being the only thing to get me through the year. Goodbye, my art teacher, I will probably not miss you.
finally I can say something here. school ended today, and it was also the last day of being in this school. the people here were really chill and nice, and I'll miss them but I'm going to a new school that's hopefully better for me

but yeah I am melting, luckily school finished early today and it was non uniform but I had to walk home 20 minutes in this 38° heat
yall are finishing? im still only halfway through the school year
School starts in a month for me.
mine starts in one and a half, but it just finished
Revived because it’s the end of the academic year again.

I have two days left of school and I took my final exam today. 10th grade is over!
Yayyy! Congrats!!
i didnt even know this thread existed
Yet you posted here a year ago.
that was a long time ago, my memory is not as sharp as it used to be
my school year ends in december like a normal year
my school year ends in december like a normal year

Way to shit on China. Racist.
yes but the chinese new year is at least a new year, ur school is ending in the middle of the year it makes no sense
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