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Talk about stuff the people do in public that you absolutely despise (Including existence).
People eating with their mouth open disgusts me. Once it got so bad that I genuinely considered punching this guy who spent half an hour meticulously eating his lunch piece by piece with the open-mouthed volume and sound of a cow
Riding your bike slowly next to your spouse on a narrow bike path and not letting people pass you. Unacceptably gross. Your marriage isn't so cool that people need to be stuck in traffic behind you admiring how self centered you are to only pay attention to yourselves and not the world around you.

We got places to be! Stop holding up traffic.
Going in public without basic hygiene. I shouldn't have to smell your stink
That one really gets to me. Loud chewing as well. Also I know this isn’t anyone’s fault at all, also it’s more annoying than disgusting, but screaming children. I’d love to scream in a crowded store too because it pisses me off just as much as it does you, kid, but come on.
I once saw a man trimming his toenails on a train and just leaving the clippings on the floor. It was grotesque
people not wearing masks in the public, when there's clearly a pandemic going on. i go to the park. i see OLD WOMEN, CHILDREN, PARENTS, and whatever shit running around without a mask. i know, there's a vaccine, but who's gonna RESIST the vaccine? the karens, of course!
TLDR; There’s a point where the mask becomes useless if you’re surrounded by people who aren’t wearing them.

My whole family hardly wears masks. We will when we are inside a building, as is expected, but if nobody in there is wearing one and we are more than 6 feet away from other people we don’t bother. All of us are vaccinated expect the little kids, too. Anytime we’re outside, we don’t.

Of course if people want us to put them on, we’re not assholes, so we’ll wear them.
Masks aren't always necessary outdoors.
That too.
Kids aren't really equipped to handle their emotions just yet. So when they are upset and screaming like fools. They actually are that upset. It isn't really a manipulation tactic unless they are much older. I KNOW ITS HARD. Particularly because there cry is annoying to us on purpose. So that parents will botice when their child has a need. Just try to keep in mind that they are humans that are really struggling to understand themselves, express themselves and are learning to comfort themselves.
Exactly why I say it’s not anyone’s fault when kids scream in public. I’m mostly just jealous that I can’t shout “FUCK YOU IM HUNGRY” or “THIS PLACE IS WAY TOO FUCKING LOUD” — at least that’s what I assume they’re saying in baby-ese.
Liv said:
I once saw a man trimming his toenails on a train and just leaving the clippings on the floor. It was grotesque

What has the world come to!! No not toe nail clipping!! I can deal with cigarette butts or trash everywhere, but i draw the line on toenails
people not wearing masks in the public, when there's clearly a pandemic going on.

They got rid of the mask mandate here in Nebraska, for some reason. I mean, I'm glad I get the choice to wear a mask or not now, but I still think we should have kept it for a little longer.
Governor Reynolds never had one in Iowa, but my city did and just got rid of it too. I’m glad I’m fully vaccinated now, but I’m still worried about friends and certain family members
I want to get vaccinated. My entire family here is fully vaccinated except for me and my brother. My mom is saying to just wait and see that there are no problems with the vaccine. I’m satisfied that I should get fully vaccinated before summer break ends in August.

We still all will wear masks when water vaccinated fully because somewhere I’m one of two children in the house that isn’t protected. When I do get vaccinated, I’m still going to be wearing a mask. I’m just afraid of the other strains but also after more than a year, it’s become a habit.

Geez this pandemic has turned me into the biggest germaphobe.
I wonder if my extended family in NYC and Boston are doing well. Imagine going to school and having to take public transport. Im from NYC and I’ve known the subways to be crowded af. I think that’s changed now. If they were too crowded, then it’s a long walk. Or the bus. The city buses not the school buses. School buses are blah.
Pretty much anyone who wants to can very easily get vaccinated in NYC now. The subway isn't too crowded; it can get busy at peak hours, but nothing like it used to be where people would have to shove in like sardines during rush hour.
People putting their feet on other seats in public transport. Like thanks, I can’t wait to sit on shit and mud.
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