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I dunno just advice on how to live life well, for people who may have lost direction or whatever.

I'll start:

Take it easy every now and then. The world is crazy and hectic and full of pressures and stress but it's important to step back because there's always some time to take a deep breath and be proud of how far you've come, rather than dwell on how far you've fallen behind. Do what makes you happy, what makes you happy, that which makes you happy. Or else what other point is there to living? (I guess this thread also applies to practical advice as well.)
Oh here’s something: the world is pretty fucking busy. I find it helpful to lay down on my bed for like 5-10 minutes per day and just stare and my fan or ceiling. Let your mind wander. Just take the time to do nothing every day and enjoy being alive.
Drink water.
On that note, remember to eat.
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