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We only spend 23.99 hours in a day not 24
Then where does the .01 rest of the day go...

It would get offset by nearly an hour by 100 days.
We don't know again we don't got any clue but the two nine's were ment to be repeated
Ah, that makes more sense.
untrue .99 x 60 = 59.4
.4 minutes is 24 seconds while a day is 23 hours 59 minutes and 9 seconds

it should be 23.85 hours

also how is this different from train of thoughts

also my math is categorically incorrect
Again the nine is infinite
but then that statistic becomes even more untrue


majoring in psychology to make trollier smm2 levels
I think about how nice it would be if I had some more shampoo.

Also I perform my annual shower ceremony of misery where if I cry, tears will feel like water from the shower.
recently switched from bar soap back to the gel kind

i was barely a month older than 13 when i joined the site
Wait Licky why did you start talking about actual showers
is this thread not about thoughts you have in the shower? thats what i did.
We don't know again we don't got any clue but the two nine's were ment to be repeated

But 23.9999... = 24; there is no difference between the two values
i get a headache whenever i stay up past 9 it gets worst the later i wake up though
The earth's rotation is actually nearly four minutes short of 24 hours, but we make up that time by the amount of the orbit the earth traverses each day on average.
wait what if i take a journal entry every time i shower detailing every thought i have

im gonna try it
i finally got my brothers old mp3 player from like 2004 to work
If a werewolf was in outer space would he always be in wolf form?
nah foo only when the moon is full
i like listening to eateot but it's such a huge time commitment

so it's hard to find a block of time that i'm able to invest to just

listening to it

i think i'll put it on in the background as i build my minecraft base
i wonder if those with human and political science degrees would have the best chances of surviving in a lord of the flies type situation
Funny thing about Lord of the Flies, it's not what usually happens in real life. Have you ever heard of a survival situation where everyone went feral and started killing each other?
author needs to tldr
also thats some offer a new perspective which is nice

however it is my belief that this is an allegory or something of society as a whole and the nature of power in a setting where your life isnt in danger.

at the very least i could relate to it because i feel like endgame ralph in every game of public lobbies among us
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