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"pig in a wig" by badanamu, a dramatic reading
xqc's announcement (real xqc and not tts)
xqc's realer announcement

What’s the point of this thread?
voice reveal
Ah cool thanks for explaining.
fly me to the moon (sorry edition)
You actually have better breath support than some practiced people I've sung with.
eric-senpai has noticed me owo

thank you but i think it's because my mic's too shitty to pick up my breathing
By breath support, I mean you're holding out phrases pretty well and not really wavering on pitch.

Edit: Ya know, I've never done one of these. Just listened to them back in the day, maybe I should get over being a nervous boy. I do have this old CAKE cover pretty perfectly memorized.
Dear Theodosia
Someone remind me to record one of these while my parents are asleep.
refrained from cursing because my mom was in the other room
so the sequel just released like a month ago or something
hey there delilah
edit: this is fun for me. i am having fun doing this. don't judge
Record yourself reading this very angrily.

If not you then one of you, please. That would make my day.
i would, but imma wait until my mom is out or something

for obvious reasons
Be the change you want to see in the world, Marcus.
Is that a “don’t ask kids to read absurd shit” or “Record yourself reading it instead”? If it’s the first, then read this instead, Titanlord. If it’s the second then, gladly. Give me a few hours.

Holy crap I didn't know you had pipes, and using them a cappella no less.
Boy this thread makes me nostalgic.
It's the second.

Oh shit we're pulling out the Bo Burnham. Definitely going to circle back to that.

ecr674 said:
Holy crap I didn't know you had pipes, and using them a cappella no less.

Tyty. I don't have instruments and I suck at playing them.
voice reveal

This is mine
omg I forgot how deep your voice is
Man, I was all ready to be like "oh my, what a deep voice you have", but I just can't stop laughing at the rant. Very well done.
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