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I haven’t had anyone close enough to me die recently (thankfully) so let’s start with the death of a 14 year old high school student from my state. Poor kid had covid.
Okay, lets see what this is about cause this could get interesting fast
8 people from my graduating class have died since graduation. 5 ODs, 2 suicides, 1 car crash.

Edit: Actually 6. 2 of them were the year after me.
I think about dying a lot. Or about being very ill. I have a power of attorney for my law practice (we're supposed to but a lot of people don't), and also a power of attorney for my personal life, and a back up for each of those if that person isn't available. I've discussed the conditions under which I am prepared to continue living with my partner (eg: when to pull the plug). I should probably write it out, though. I haven't gotten around to writing explicit instructions about each particular possible outcome, or how I'd like to be dealt with after I die. I should do that.

Recently a criminal lawyer I know died of an alcoholism-related illness. She's the second criminal lawyer in my area who I know has died of substance use issues since I became a lawyer two years ago. The other ODed on fentanyl.
Fentanyl is super dangerous.
We are coming up on three years since my dad died. Can confirm: it still sucks.

I don't have panic attacks in the middle of the night about it anymore but the dreams about him are the worst. I'll wake up, convinced he's still around until I remember.
Same thing still happens w me and my grandma. Been close to 10 years.
My dad has been dead for 15 years now and it doesn't... not suck? But he's been gone for 3/5 of my life at this point so I think I'm just used to the sucking.
I don't think it ever really stops, you just kind of learn to live around it.
I feel for your loss, both of you.
And I yours. Yeah it's like over time you stop thinking about them multiple times a day and it becomes more sporadic and further away.
I held my mothers hand and sang and prayed for her while she passed. She was very sick for a long time. My sister, my father and I were there together. We called her sister so she could say goodbye. A single tear slid down my mom's cheek as she passed. Even though she wasn't conscious I think she know was loved. I miss her everyday. We butted heads and there are things we could have done better but she was my Mom and I miss her so much
My grampa (76, previously worked full time, very independent, healthy, no serious health problems, veteran) died a week ago after a ten month battle with covid. After about 7 months things went downhill really really fast and he lost his mind. He lived with us once he ran out of money for assisted living and until we couldn't take care of him anymore. That was really hard.

Wear a mask please
I'm sorry for your loss.

My grandfather was just moved into a care facility. I expected the Parkinson's to be a little slower but, then again, my family may have lied to me about it for a while, and he is over 90. I hope he dies before it becomes too painful for him.
Michael K. Williams died. Looks like heroin. Goddamn shame.
It really is.
My 96 yr old grandpa just died. Natural causes, thankfully.
glad he lived to the long, ripe old age of 96 years. RIP.
Recently lost my Great Grandmother right before her 102nd birthday. A wonderful window into a time I will have never experienced myself and a crazy old lady. Was mowing her own lawn up to the day she passed.
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