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Yep. 26 in December. How old did you think I was?
Devery said:
I really liked it. It did a good job of showing the international impact that the attack had without even a little bit of performantive American patriotism, which was good.

One of the few things that warms my heart when reading about 9/11 is the massive outpouring of positive support and help for America that came from across the globe. Even if we're kind of assholes to the rest of the world sometimes, it's good to see we have allies who will come help us in our darkest hour.

Really makes you appreciate that, for all the fucked up stuff in the world, we can throw away language and cultural barriers and help each other out as human beings.
I just realised I was (months) younger than my daughter is now when it happened.
Liv said:
Yep. 26 in December. How old did you think I was?

I don't know. Late 20s.
While cleaning up the house today, my mom found a newspaper from 9/11, 20 years ago. It was interesting to read.
On THIS day?
Liv said:
I've learnt that some kids had their teachers turn on televisions on 9/11 to watch coverage of it at school. That's absolutely wild.

We were held in our first class. The principal came on the announcements to tell the teachers to wait to let us pass, then a few minutes later he came on and said what happened. When they let us go to our next class, we listened to it on the radio. It was like some War of the Worlds shit, and there were a lot of chaotic and false reports happening about planes falling out of the sky all over the country and how Washington, D.C. was essentially completely destroyed. Eventually they reported that it was just four planes, and it felt like a huge relief, but... four planes is a lot of people, and they did a lot of damage. It felt weird to be relieved that the whole thing was just a massive tragedy and not actually the end of the world.

Edit: Later, at lunch, some teachers got the brilliant idea to wheel like three TV carts (the ones from the Bill Nye meme) into the cafeteria so we could watch the planes hit and the buildings fall and prime jumping to their deaths over and over and over while we ate.
Did anyone throw up?
Watched some really good documentaries about the attacks on Hulu. Firsthand accounts of what happened. There's some very interesting stories in there. Lots of historical footage, too. Made by National Geographic and the 9/11 Museum / Memorial. Released just this year.
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