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If you randomly wake up in the night without a reason, you're probably being watched.
In the year 1913, Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Tito, and Freud all lived in the city of Vienna.

Corn flakes were originally designed by Dr. Kellogg as part of a bland vegetarian diet meant to reduce sexuaI desire.
If you randomly wake up in the night without a reason, you're probably being watched.

or your toilet is emptying its contents sporadically
How long should it be before you discard milk that has been left out at room temperature?
3 - 4 years
humans are the only animals that have chins
"Humans are not the only animals to feel sexual pleasure.

Dolphins, for example, like to get high off of pufferfish and mastrobate in groups."

  • marvin one time
I feel sexually pleasured when I take a whiff of the communal pufferfish as well.

Edit: It was this or saying I haven't shat my pants in 2 months
Sarah Palermo used to poop her pants at school. One time she was walking in class and a turd just rolled out of her pants leg. She doesn't even care.
She might have underlying disease because that doesn't sound typical.
What the fuck?

Anyway, dogs can feel sadness, but not guilt. When they do something wrong, they feel sad because their owner is mad at them, but no guilt is felt.
Dogs are not entirely colorblind. They just can't see red.
trubbish is a garbage bag with a face
If you die with perfect senses (smell, sight, etc), then the last sense to go will be your hearing.
There are more atoms in a teaspoonful of water than there are teaspoonfuls of water in every ocean on Earth.
There are more pyramids in Sudan than Egypt.
german chocolate cake was invented in texas
theres only one species of wild monkey in europe (i think)
mcdonalds tried making bubblegum flavored broccoli
Here's a fact in Demon Slayer

As of the time I'm writing this, in the anime:
Every time Tanjiro slashes a neck of one of the Upper or Lower six, he actually didnt
before the 1800s dentures were made of dead peoples teeth
The longest English word you can type with one hand on a standard US keyboard is "stewardesses"
does that mean with one actual hand or just on one side?
A chef's hat has exactly 100 pleats.
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