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Do you know what a fax is?
I love fax machines
deodorant is edible
Everything is technically edible, it's just that most stuff will kill you if you eat it.
Can you eat the continent of Oceania?
Some excavators, some shovels, a spoon, and a lot of time.
I guess there was a guy who ate a plane. Yeah. This is correct, from what I can think of, E-Bag.
Exactly, and I think that guy also ate a car. Or maybe that's a different guy?
I'm not sure if he ate a car too, but this is the plane guy.
I was thinking of Leon Sampson, he ate a car.
Why do people do that, anyway?
Because they feel like it, I guess.
To prove their superiority in consumption of abnormal objects.
The human liver can be ruptured in one punch.
anything can be ruptured in one punch if you're saitama
Harry Houdini was indirectly murdered
Harry Houdini was a crazy, crazy man.
Yeah he often did his tricks naked too
Me too
I do my tricks naked.
on a harmonica, blowing air will produce a note one half step away from if you sucked air through the same hole (or the same 2 holes on top of each other)
Sucralose (artificial sweetener) was invented due to a student mishearing his professor. The professor said "test the substance," and the student thought he had said "taste the substance."
That could have went a whole other direction
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