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Weird, cool, cranky, creepy, tell us all about them. I'm graduating high school soon and don't plan on going to college, so this is likely going to be my last time having a teacher in a school environment. That being said, you don't have to talk about teachers in school, just people who taught you in general.
My god, dude, Mr. Holloman. He was my middle school band teacher, but he has probably been the most influential teacher I've ever had. He was such a fun teacher, and I learned so much from him.
My Geometry teacher has been sick for half the time I've had her, and it's been three weeks.
My Algebra teacher, Ms. Yates, was extremely attractive. I got her to dance w me.
Did she have any relatives in Louisiana? It’s not to common of a name. If she was from the south then there’s a good chance I might be related to her or her husband.
I don't think so.
my year 5 teacher, Mr McBride definitely had me as a favourite. he instantly liked me and kept calling me a/his star, I was definitely his favourite, it was so clear. it was nice for a change, because I had a friend who was always the favourite of most teachers
Mr. Barrier was my 6th grade math teacher. He was a large man, tall and chubby He was the football coach and you could tell that math wasn't his first love but he taught it well enough. I think he honestly might have been subbing until a new teacher was hired. He would take naps on occasion. Wrapping his super large hands around a dry erase marker and wedging it between his forehead and stomach. I never had any structure as a child and as a result I was exhausted all the time. I took naps too. He called me sleepy and was never unkind to me. He would give me notes after class on my sleepy days and I loved that man. He was warm and kind to me and I miss him.
In engineering, I had a final exam and mentioned to the prof before we started that I was worried because I was so tired. He said "You've slept during every single one of my classes. I'd be more worried if you weren't tired." I thought that was funny.
Pretty good. I managed to never sleep in college classes. I did miss a bunch by sleeping at home though.
I've slept through the vast majority of classes I've had. I don't know how people stay awake.
I've never been able to fall asleep in class before. I've tried but never been able to do it
dick in my ass

our physics teacher was teaching us momentum today and gave us an example where he drew us a bus with a constant velocity and compared it to a skateboard with the same velocity and asked us which of the two we'd rather try to stop. he then called on a student and slyly remarked that said student would probably prefer the former after having received her test grade.
my first reaction was "oh no"
That is the biggest callout in the history of callouts
my history teacher sounds like he speaks in expurgation tricky's voicebank
I had a history teacher last semester who managed to be mysogonistic and heavily political while teaching us about just about anything. He shoved his own (right wing) opinions into almost every lesson and went on massive tangents. This dude had a Trump flag in his classroom last year before they made him take it down. It's still bundled up in a corner, we got a picture of it!

Some stupid claims he's made:

He claimed that using birth control and abortions threatens women's right because then America won't have enough soldiers to defend itself and would fall to the woman opressing outer world. This one got scoffs and "what the fuck" looks from basically the whole class.

He claimed that Biden was planning to mint a one trillion dollar coin, after which he just brushed me aside when I quickly told him that's totally false.

He claimed that we should not take down Confederate statues because then we won't remember the confederacy, and you shouldn't judge whether or not dead people were good people or not, because they're not alive to defend themselves.

There's a ton more that I started recording too. He's been like this for years and our school doesn't care. I have audio of his saying the craziest stuff.

Edit: I swear he had a hard-on for making fun of Hilary Clinton because he insulted her to no end.
I had a similar history teacher last year but left wing instead. It's annoying when teachers can't seem to keep their political opinions out of the classroom.
Well I think it's good in history classes to draw similarities between the past and today, especially with politics. But yea when they're heavily biased like that it's horrible.
The Frog's civics teacher keeps spouting her right wing bullshit. I told her to feel free to tell the teacher the Frog's father told her to shut the fuck up with that bologna whenever if she wants. Most recently she said that taxing the rich would be a mistake.
This thread is slowly becoming politial, let's move on

In 2019 I listened to two professors talk to each other about how good Trump is going to make the world and how things are seriously gonna start changing for the better and how he wouldn’t possibly end up doing anything illegal unlike the democrats who are trying to rig the election. Ever since it came out that Trump tried to get people to seize voting machines in the 2020 elections, I smile and try not to laugh every time I see them.
And in 2016 I remember being in a class of about 150 people and the professor nearly made a girl cry for wearing a MAGA hat.

In the fall of 2012, I remember a teacher who who talked about how awful it was that immigrants can come over the boarder, have a child, and then get closer to being US citizens than if they had tried to immigrate legally. This class had several Latino students who didn’t speak English and whose parents only had green cards. For those of you too young to know, look up DACA.

And then another time around 2005 I remember a teacher talking about Muslims and how they’re dangerous. There was a 10 year old Muslim in the class.

And another time in high school I remember a teacher speaking ill of “church people” and republicans. Keep in mind this is the Deep South where almost all people are “church people” and republicans.

For something not at all related to politics because I know that sends all of you into a conniption, I once had a teacher think I called her the N word when I was sitting quietly. The assistant principle walked into the room and asked everyone if I said it and they all said “no”. The guidance counselor was there and he basically told me “Look we can’t get her to calm down, you’re not in trouble, we know you didn’t say that, but I think the only way we can get this done with is if we send you to ISS for a few days.”
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