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my birthday is in a couple of days, give me suggestions on how i should celebrate
come to brazil
make a massive party but invite no one so you have an excuse to burn it all down when no one shows up
Happy early birthday.
Make your birthday a special day for yourself. Do what you love!
Happy birthday! Eat a huge cake all by yourself.
bake yourself a nice little cake, cake mixes are easy to make from my experience
Maybe cupcakes?
do everyones idea in one
We need updates. How was your birthday?
eriophora said:
We need updates. How was your birthday?

it went pretty well, i went out to eat with my family. we went shopping and it was fun. i'm getting my late birthday present tomorrow, i don't know what it is though.
Presumably a birthday gift
Presumably a birthday gift

i doubt it, but maybe i'll be proved wrong
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