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This is a place for teenagers to talk about teenagers things: school, dating, friends, future, whatever. You can get advice or just meet other teens. It's basically just a TwoCans version of r/teens, and I couldn't find anything like it in the forums already unless I'm blind.

Teenagers: Assemble
Hello, yes. This is teen. Definitely not 3 raccoons in a trench coat. Do you know where the trash can is?
hi! I'm a teen. I know I havent revealed my age but I am a teenager :)

thabk you for making this thread
Can't tell my age, but I'm just a dumb ol' middle schooler who's above the age of 12, so I assume I'm welcome here.

Here is a teen thing: Do you and your friends have a specific brand of comedy?
Most of the jokes told in my friendgroup have a punchline of "bruh" or, when it's a really good joke, the punchline is "bruhbruhbruh". We are quite creative
How creative.
My group of friends usually speaks in a really high pitched, girly voice when talking about something funny. Mostly the boys. Of course, most of them don't know I was born as a girl, so I can go much higher and they think that's just hilarious.
hi i am a teen
I kinda thought everyone that has shown up so far was each no less than 30 years old so this is interesting
Isn't that what happened to the real r/Teenagers?
This is a redundant thread if I’ve ever seen one. Y’all do that in every thread here. This website is now and has historically been a majority teenager website. I’m not taking issue with the thread being here but basically you’re getting a big fat LOL from me at y’all

Also great way for potential predators to pick which of y’all to try to mentally abuse and get nudes from.

Just sayin’. Y’all be safe now, ya heard me?
I kinda thought everyone that has shown up so far was each no less than 30 years old so this is interesting

I laughed
Yeah. Like pretty much all of y’all are teenagers. I can count on my hands the number of active people here that I know aren’t teenagers.
Yeah, and I can count the number of active users on 1 hand too.
I’m not sure about active members, there’s more than 5 of us. You could probably count the amount of people who seem to spend the whole day on the site on one hand.
Oh come on now, you don’t mean that. Think about every user who frequently posts on the forum. Thats more than 10.

Subtract like 9 and that’s how many of y’all are teenagers.
My joke did not catch on in any way or form, because I misinterpreted what Antimony said.

And, I was going to make a radiation joke.
Nah you’re good man. What you thought I said at first? Just wonderin. I got shitty eyes too. Words jumpin around the pages n shit n colliding together. Doctor said I got dyslexia but I told him “nah I’m just stupid.”

Like seriously
There actually are people online who would love to abuse teenagers and try to fuck with their minds
It has happened on this website once before
When I tell y’all “Be safe now, ya heard me?”
What I mean is

Man don’t take this the wrong way, but y’all are all really good kids. I wish I was more like y’all when I was yalls ages instead of ditching school and smoking weed and making a litany of — know what, it’s better if I leave that part out. But that’s a compliment and a word of caution. A lot of y’all seem like you’re too good for you own good sometimes.
And this is in no way an attack on any of y’all or Garfield it’s just… man, come on, y’all are making me worried about y’all.
caveat said:
...people who seem to spend the whole day on the site...

They all put their ages in their bios or that survey thread anyway. Shrug.

Kids, if strangers PM you, don't respond. The end.
arw you a stranger?
Arw you?
Arwnt we all when you stop and think about it
arw you a stranger?

Yeah. And I don't message you.
What an interesting thread. It would be quite shocking if this thread were to be particularly redundant. No, but a thread could never be that.
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