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If you're angry, trust me, you'd want to get something out. Share why you feel like punching a hole in the wall. Please do not go into self harming topics in this thread.
I'm an asshole. And tired. And hungry.
And I fucking hate the feeling of my hair. Much less how fucking disgusting it looks.
(Don't you have your own thread for this, Titan?)
Thats ranting, not venting
god I hate sitting right in front of the teachers desk and getting ignored. is it too much to just want some attention? I get ignored like every single day at school, nobody talks to me, and today at last period I finish all my work, and I'm just doing nothing while everyone else chats and the teacher says "one more minute" for the third time. I'm so done

I guess that's more of a rant but it's still a vent (does it count?)
talk to people
talking to people is hard
not if you dont care what people think of you
then what if you do care
then idk
stop caring.
easier said than done, sir buggus
i know, i didnt really believe that when i typed it
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