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please tell me if this thread has been created before

an embarrassing moment I had today was when I tripped up the stairs and these two guys behind me started laughing really badly
one of the great things about having poor memory of that you cant remember when you do something embarrassing
So listen don't judge me. It has been a long winter, okay. And I honestly haven't shaved a thing on myself the whole time. Also, I rarely wear underwear. So I was at work on break and I realized that my hairy vagina was just chilling for the world to see because there were big holes in my pants. ... Yeah....
Alright, I know exactly what story I have.

First year of college, around mid October. I was currently in the process of not sleeping for 3 nights in a row, and (after hallucinating the night before due to my sleep deprivation), I decide to finally go to bed. I don't know what drove me to not sleep for so long, nor do I wish to do so again.

The last thing I remember is putting on my slides to leave my dorm to do something before bed. I don't remember why I was leaving my dorm, nor what I did after doing so.

The next moment, I'm peacefully lying in bed, when I suddenly hear multiple voices telling me to wake up.

After a moment I open my eyes, and it takes a while for me to notice something: "Hey... wait a second... my bedsheets aren't yellow..."

"Wait... this isn't my bed!"

That's when I look up. There is a large crowd of people from the dorm floor standing around the lofted bed. I am in the dorm across the hallway from mine, belonging to 4 girls. I somehow sleepwalked into their room when none of them were there, and fell asleep in one of their lofted beds.

(Apparently there are pictures of me asleep in the bed, but I don't know who has them. Trust me, I want to see them.)
My girlfriend got mad at me when I said her friend had a hot name. And was very offended at two sexual jokes I made at her. Oops.
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