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A metal, by definition, is any substance that gives away electrons when bonding ionically, in other words forms a positive cation. It does not necessarily need to be solid. Hydrogen, which forms an H+ cation, is a metal.
"Please find me a source."

I've had a crappy Chemistry teacher, so I would like to read up on this.
@Never - Only when you're angry, I meant; you're a sweet person.
Wikipedia says it's not a metal.
Everything I found says the same.
If a little dwarf creeps out of your closet, fire ax in hand, walks over towards you as you lay, leans in closely to your head and whispers "penis" and then runs out of the room giggling like a school girl, what would you do? -xlethal vixenx

Shit brix.
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Nothing. I'd be frozen with confusion and fear of that axe.
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I would laugh so hard I'd die.
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Trip some more acid.
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Post questions you have asked and the answers you have received.

I decided to make this survey like.
What is your favourite metal (the kind on the periodic table)?

Hydrogen (Er...)

It seems the winner is Gold. Gold is very ugly, in my opinion.

Metallic hydrogen, dude.
One question that I occasionally put out there is:

Can you answer this question in three or more complete sentences?

And get responses like this:

I could try to answer it in three complete sentences. The previous sentence was my first one and the next will be my last. I have managed to complete the question in three complete sentences and as our English teacher would say, "One word sentences are great for adding effect", so I will add one more sentence. Ha!

I guess I could. What do I get if I do it?

No, I cannot. I am very sorry to say this, but your question cannot be adequately answered by me. I apologize very much for this and-- OHWAIT

I can, indeed, answer your question my friend. However, I choose not to answer your question on the grounds that I have nothing to prove. How does that suit you?

Why yes in fact, I can. You see, if you care to read further, my kind sir, you will realize that it can be done. For as soon as this sentence is finished, it will have been three complete sentences. Albeit, there may be a few spelling errors because I don't care enough to fix them.

That depends. By "can", do you mean am I able to, or are you asking for me to perform the task? If the first, then yes, I certainly am able to. If the second, I would gladly do it!

I can indeed.
Surmising as to what prompted this question, I assume it was the general lack of thought and effort that is found in answers to questions on this site. I agree with this analysis (not surprising as I came up with it myself) but point out that this site is not created to foster intellectual discussion but to be completely anonymous. In that this question can be answered in two different consistent ways ('Yes' + sentences, 'No'), I am curious as to how many of each response you received. I would guess the majority are one-word responses, probably more 'Yes' than 'No', plus a few longer ones. Would you care to enlighten me?

I believe I can. I will try my best at least. Did I succeed?

Yes, I do have the ability to... However, is there a reason? It is, after all, very mundane.

Yes. I. Could.

Of all the astronomers, people like Galileo the best - by a landslide. Why do they like him so much?
They probably do not know any others.
the only other guy I know is copernicus. personally, I don't think it's as cool a name as galileo.
Newton and Tycho were both astronomers too, right?
Yes. What sucks is that Tycho burnt his nose off. Now it's wooden
I asked what to do when I can't sleep and I got about twenty replies telling me to masturbate.
How can you not sleep with the gorgeous Shannon to hold you?
It's more like how can I sleep with the gorgious Shannons elbow in my face? :P
This is true. xD

And, I suppose--how could anyone be so surrounded with such majesty and beauty and still sleep?
Bet she farts under the covers
Never said:
This is true. xD

And, I suppose--how could anyone be so surrounded with such majesty and beauty and still sleep?
Bet she farts under the covers

If only it were just under the covers.
Heh hehe.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
Knock knock on the door
Humanity's fear of death. Until we are free of it, we will never be free to live our lives to the fullest.
Burned? I thought he got his nose cut off.
What if there were no hypothetical questions?

And mama, mama, angry brains

Everything would exist and be real.

Then there is no imagination
That post was amazing^
The QA annoys me. I got maybe one semi decent answer to this.

Have you noticed any similarities between the beliefs of historic Judaism (as depicted in biblical times) and Zoroastrianism? Obviously not as a whole but any minor roots and core beliefs.

  • God is dead.

  • They both believe in the ritual consumption of Distilled VInegar.

  • i dont know much about those two sorry!

  • Very similar. It's thought that for every people, there was a prophet sent. Perhaps not all prophets called him "God". Most believe "Allah", "Jesus", "YHWH", "El", etc. are the same being even if He is by a different name. Some even think the Hindu "Brahman" originated as the God -Abrahamic religions follow. As well as Rastafari etc.

  • obviously

  • Somehow I'm betting that you'll get few answers on this...

  • Yeah

  • ni!

  • nope, but I've never put much thought into it.

  • What the fuck? Who gives a shit. Judaism is for idiots and so is Zoro-whatever-ism

  • Shut up

  • I've never heard of Zoroastrianism, what is it about?

  • skip forever...
At least the second to last one was being inquisitive.
If you ask questions that require very specific knowledge like that one does, you're not likely to get many answers. I know I would have nothing to say to that.
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