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I would reply back to the "skip forever" and say. HAHA! You were so hell bent on letting me know that you were going to "skip forever", that you didn't. Yeah, that's right, you didn't skip me. I'll be back. continuing on with my question, a question that you responded to in a rude manner because you're too dumb to answer it.
How long would you like your life to be?
  • 111110000 years
My response: 992 years is pretty long for a human...

Edit: Yikes, I did that wrong. Silly me for not starting at 0. 496 years*
What is your birth stone?

-Apparently it's ruby. (I didn't know I had a birthstone)
what is the most delicious type of pizza in the world?
Supreme all the way. mmmm
Canadian Bacon. Meatballs. And cream cheese.
White pizza
Any pizza that is served within view of the beach on the Italian coast
Thick crust chicken bacon pizza with parmasean :)
damn now I'm hungry...
You know, they just started puting BACON onto the meat lovers pizza at pizzhut over here. THAT has just become my ultimate pizza.
Mack and manco's from ocean city nj boardwalk
Veggie pizzax2
Buffalo chickenx2
Pineapple pizza is so good.
The kind that doesn't kill you
Pepperoni and meatball
Mushrooms, spinach, and pineapple. It sounds gross, but it's AWESOME.
meat lovers
My butthole.
5 cheese with extra cheese and sauce
ham and sweetcorn
In all srs bisness gais, pineapple.
That chicken pizza i had on superbowl sunday.
If they were to make one with canadian bacon, pineapple, and mushrooms that wouldn't taste weird with the pineapple and mushrooms together, that would be the ultimate pizza.
I like Hawaiian pizza.x5
I don't know; I haven't tried them all.
plain cheese :D x6

Some are grouped together due to the ton of answers.
I never get that many answers, even when I reactivate the question.
I have well over a hundred answers for some of mine. My ask page has gotten huge.
I've had tons of answers for a question before. I've deleted it since then because it was getting in the way, but it was probably close to one hundred answers.
I've gotten 192 answers for one question... Yes, I did bother to count.
^ Not me. I can't count past 50 without forgetting where I'm at and starting over again.
I hope y'all don't me double posting. I think that this doesn't break the rules.

What do you think of country music?
it has its hits.... don't like all of it, but a few I sure do like....
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It's iight, as long as it's the newer stuff, not that twangy bluegrass crap.
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my fav
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it rocks the world!
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No thanks.
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I think it's annoying and repetitive
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it makes me sad
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I love country
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Ohh da yeeehaaa now eeehhh ;]]
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its ok
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Eh. some good and some bad...
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my name is nathan zoeller (facebook me) i recently went through a bad break up and need motivation to love again so please txt me (567-674-2815) pictures of your cock or tits thank you :)
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its alright some of its amazing
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I don't personally like it that much
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I can't stand the voices D:
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Love it, hate it, I can never decide but I seem to end up listening to an awful lot of it.
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Sort of silly but fun.
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I. Hate. It.
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It's for hicks.
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love it
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It's very simple. It's nice, sometimes.
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not my thing. I'm more into the progressive metal scene.
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some of it is good
its okay
Absolute pandering bullshit.
Looove it,I mean like some of it from todays music but I grew up on the 90's country :)
I can enjoy it ironically...
Poor replacement for bluegrass or rock
alright i guess. some people like it a lot but others despise it
Love it... if it's sung well.
Eh. Its better than nickleback. But silence is better than nickleback. So is death.
I think it tells nice stories, but I only like the sad songs.
Love itttttt.<3
Most of it is nonsense. There is such a thing as well-written country music, but I haven't found it among what's popular.
Not a big fan
legalize marijuana with a free sticker!
I enjoy it.
I personally dislike it...a lot.
It's fine.
Dubstep all the way
I live amongst hicks who love country, so i am somewhat prejudiced about it....modern country is good, old moany country is not
I like it.
Some of it is okay, but it's usually kind of annoying.
Less is more than enough.
It sucks.
redneck gayness
Its aight.
SOME good songs.
Meh. Some is respectable. But only some.
I don't listen to it that much, but it seems alright. I really only have Johnny Cash and Roy Oribison though.
depressing. Country concerts are usually filled with drunks, that then puke on you.
I don't like it.
If you could plant your heart, what would it grow?
I asked this question twice. The first time around I got:

if i were to plant it now? sorrow
if i were to plant it a month ago? hope if i were to plant it a year ago? pure love

I think it would grow heavily perfumed flowers.

Black shards of glass.

The second time around I got:

the world's biggest tree/mushroom hybrid. when the spores release, it would kill every living human on earth.

In a bucket of divided by zeroes

grapes...i think. i dont really know but i like this question.


in your uterus like a baby :)




good question...thinks


i dont know i would be cool to know

Would you be willing to have a threesome?
Yes x 12
No x 6
Probably x 5
Probably Not x 4
Been There, Done That x 3
What is your favorite oxymoron?
  • 2 people didn't know what it was
  • Accurate horoscope.
  • Act Naturally
  • all
  • bad orgasm
  • big shrimp
  • biggy smalls
  • Bombing for peace
  • Corporate Ethics
  • good morning.
  • Government Organization
  • happy monday
  • Harvard Athletics
  • hate to love
  • Honest Politician
  • I don't really have a favorite haha. What's yours?
  • Instant classic (:
  • jumbo shrimp x9
  • Just war
  • little giants
  • littlebigplanet
  • Living dead.
  • love hurts
  • Loving hate.
  • Microsoft Works x2
  • Military Intelligence x4
  • my girlfriend
  • Non PMS-ing Ms. Power
  • omg, haha, too many to choose from. I have a book of them but it's not with me right now so I can't decide.
  • oxy
  • Oxyclean, get on the ball
  • Oxymoron x2
  • peacekeeping missiles x2
  • peanut butter
  • Pretty ugly jumbo shrimp.
  • Rap Music *da dunt katz*
  • same difference
  • Sensitive straight man.
  • sex
  • smart blond
  • Smart internet usser
  • Straight gay.
  • The door walked into me.
  • There's this poem thing I know, it's full of oxymorons. A giant chihuahua came across a low tower of delicious rotting turnips. It slowly/quietly gobbled them all up and got extremely tired. It lay down on the soft concrete ground and went to sleep. Sorry, it isn't exactly like the original, my memory sucks D;
  • Tragicomedy.
  • Unrequited love.
  • ur face
  • Water barrel!
  • Well, you're definetely a moron
Saint Patrick's Day is a stupid holiday.

  • Yes, yes it is.
  • You're a stupid holiday
  • very true, but those dumbasses gotta have some sumb excuse to drink.
  • Agreed.
  • My hangover agrees, but the rest of me doesn't.
  • No you MOFO.
  • your stupid
  • Whatever, it's still fun.
  • I'm sorry you feel that way.
  • if you dont drink
  • I am Irish and that if offensive. However, an opion is special to a person but its still possible to keep it to yourself. Do that....
  • no
  • Because really, people care about your opinion.
  • agreed.
  • Your face is a stupid holiday.
  • i know
  • why
  • most are
  • Whatever!
  • i agree.
  • naw my mum was born today!!
  • Essentially yes, it was used as an excuse to eat whatever you want, as a break from lent. It was popular to drink lots of beer. It is supposed to be st. Patricks death date.. Supposedly..
  • clearly you've never been to savannah georgia for it.
  • Yes, yes it is.
  • Your mother is a stupid holiday.
  • Yep.
  • it is. The celebration of irish heritage and beer (more of an excuse for beer than anything)
  • Agreed
  • Tell that to the leprechauns!
  • It commemorates Saint Patrick the most commonly recognised of the patron saints of Ireland, and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.
  • Im not even religious but its wrong to insult others cultures and beliefs dude
  • mmhmm
  • Not really, green's my favorite color, and they're lots of girls wearing it.
  • It actually has legit meaning aside from the stupid wear green or get pinched hype we have nowadays. St. Patrick did a lot of good things.
  • why?
  • Why's that?
  • Basically. :3
  • I bet you weren't wearing green today. Hahahaha
  • Okay then?
  • I know. I'm Irish though, so I have to deal with it.
  • Agreed.
  • Don't worry now it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday; party it, party it, *yeah* fun fun fun fun.
  • Umm, you either aren't Irish or you're not drinkin. I think it's great cause Im both!!!!!!
  • It's an excuse to pinch people you don't like.
  • Explain.
  • You better hope an Irishman doesn't come across that.
  • Any holiday that revolves around my third favorite color is cool with me.
  • You are most definitely correct.
  • yeah it kinda is
  • It's a day when people can drink beer till they pass out and wear green
  • It's my mom's birthday. Shut yo mouth!
  • Indeed.
  • I like it.
  • Okay.
  • It's an excuse to drink, so it's okay in my book.
  • But a holiday non the less.
  • So is pretty much every other "holiday" but its a nice excuse to let loose and get rid of some stress.
  • I agree
  • What are we celebrating?
  • not when you get a party in english and science class
  • Indeed, but that was also a statement, not a question.
  • you obviously don't understand it then.
  • yup.
  • You're a stupid holiday.
  • I agree.
  • You're a stupid holiday.
  • No thats a statement and opinion just like this is.
  • word
  • So is Valentines.
  • Very true. Very true.
  • HA!
  • Hey, man, its an excuse to get wasted.
  • Okay, then.
  • Everything is stupid
  • No way, any excuse to get drunk is a good one.
  • universal feeling, my love.
  • sorta
  • You do know it's in celebration of a Irish Christian Missionary who died right? oh well I say fuck Easter too...
  • agree
  • I agree. And Saint Patrick was actually English.
  • its a holiday?
  • Thanks for your imput.
  • Do you know how it was form? St. Patrick threw snakes off the island of ireland.
  • no!!! cuz you get drunkedd!!
  • But beer.
  • true that
  • not really
  • Killjoy.
  • and you are a stupid person
  • okay
  • Not if you want another reason to get drunk.
  • Agreed.
  • right if you dont wear green all you do is get pinched... all day... omg it pisses me off!i
  • excuse to get drunk = fine by me
  • TRUE
  • I know
  • Maybe you're still sober. Have a beer.

I had this up for the whole day, my conclusion is, I am a 'stupid holiday.'
I asked, "What does forgiveness sound like?"

  • sincerity
  • screaming and then silence. Sorry, no I am not a creeper, I just watched Lamas in Hats...
  • I love you even though you made mistakes.
  • That's the sound of people drowning, Carl
  • It sounds like Jesus.
  • The sound of people drowning; screaming and then silence.
  • you screaming my name late at night ;)

I expected more answers, but was generally looking for the 'Llamas with Hats' responses.
^ I say that one, Chickadee, but accidentally skipped it forever. I yelled "No" at my computer after I skipped it. :/
Haha, it's okay. (:
I think my favorite answer was the 'Jesus' one. Made me laugh.
The drowning one made me giggle a little.
I found this funny, thought I would share.

What would you do if you were trapped in a box with a bear?

  • cry.
  • get killed.
  • Hug the bear.
  • Umm.. well I'd have to give him what he wants. I'm not strong at all.
  • I'll use the bear fighting techniques I learned from Walker, Texas Ranger and beat the crap out of the bear
  • Stay very still
  • Die, most likely. Bears will ruin you pretty much effortlessly. But hey, maybe the bear doesn't give a damn and doesn't mind my company. That would... still absolutely horrifying, but pretty interesting -too.
  • piss in my own mouth and gently stroke the bears long, masculine hair
  • Befriend it (I can only hope).
  • be very, very still
  • Meditate
  • Probably get eaten...
  • I'd have too much bear meat.
  • Tame it then ride it out of the box.
  • probably die
  • eat it
  • Be eaten.
  • pet him
  • i'd be like, 'hey there, Tim!'
  • Leave.
  • 1. Pray to God that it's Gentle Ben. 2. Throw honey in the opposite corner. 3. If there's a lack of honey, see if the bear will just leave me alone. 4. If he approaches me, see if he's coming in for a hug. 5. If he's not in a hugging mood, die like a man.
  • challenge it to a hug off
  • Pray
  • Stare at the bear until it killed itself. Then if there was an opening at the top of the box, I would use it's intestines as a rope and climb out.
  • Pretend to be dead.
  • Hug it :3
  • Calmly negotiate with the bear then subsequently write a book with him on our experience in the box.
  • sit still
  • Be both alive and dead at the same time.
  • I would probably die.
  • Die. Plain and simple, I'd be killed the fuck out of.
  • strangle it
  • i love bears. i would comfort the bear and assure it we will get out somehow.
  • How the fuck would you get me in a box let alone a bear?
  • probably die
  • teach it to ride a unicycle, duh!
  • Cry.
  • Cuddle it.
  • I'd cry...
  • i'd scream and try to punch the beart in the face and eyes.
I'm kind of a sick fuck with morbid questions, one of them went like this:

Q: "What would you do if a meteor crash wiped humanity out of the earth and the only survivor were you ?" (Never mind the scientific implications, I just wanted to know about lone survivor thoughts. The recipients seemed to understand this quite well or it just didn't occur to them how extraordinary that would be.)


I'd kill myself.

I'd probably just enjoy whatever I could with no one around to stop me now, and continue to do so 'til I got sick of that, and then finish myself off somehow. Might as well make the best of a post-apocalyptic situation :)

uhhhh, cry? be confused? uhm...die?
haha, I mean the chances of survival are low, screw robinson crusoe, he's a lucky/fictional case

I would get lonely and probably kill myself pretty swiftly.


Answer 2 was generally sort of the answer I was looking for, and I tried to convert the other four to that mindset.
@ Verum.
I'd crack open it.
This is related.
Huh, for some reason I would imagine that the spine would not remain intact if you cracked open a bear... since that is were I would imagine the cracking coming from.
Don't be so scientific. I thought it was funny. ):
Oh I still think it's funny :P just commenting on the pic
Hehe, I didn't make it, though.
So don't blame me.
But you're right, it would make more sense that way.
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