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Haha, that was actually pretty damn funny.
There is a follow-up comic, but I don't have it, I'll see if I can find it.

Edit: Here we go!
^Very funny.
Hahaha, that's hilarious.
I love these kind of comics, they're great!
What are you going to college/University for?

  • Architecture [2]
  • Environmental science
  • Saginaw valley, maybe lol
  • Authour
  • Geology
  • Game design
  • Theoretical astrophysics
  • electrical engineering. Genuine nerd degree
  • Art education
  • Justice
  • Computer science [3]
  • Music education [3]
  • I took sexuality studies
  • Engineering! I dunno what kind...
  • Sociology
  • Biochem
  • Forensic Science
  • To get a degree so I can get more money to finance a world domination campaign. It's going ao bit slow.
  • Civil Engineering. BITCHES!!! I'm a smarty pants :3
  • TO learn, to have fun, to get a degree that will help me get a job.
  • Navy
  • To figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
  • Filmography
  • MBA
  • Northwest Missouri State university
  • Actuarial sciences
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Business
  • Public relations and accounting
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Political science
  • Software Engineering
  • Nursing
  • Music Therapy
  • Marine Biology
  • Oceanography
  • Football
  • Interior design
  • Not sure.
  • Not smart enough.
  • Journalism with photography. That is, if I can get out of high-school alive.
  • Law
  • Electrical engineering
  • English
  • I dropped out.
  • Linguistics
  • Cinematography
  • Central Florida University
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Psychology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • I don't know. [2]
  • Nothing anymore.
  • Biology
  • Beer, broads, and ball games.
I asked pretty much the question as Sofra-Sin.

What are you studying/planing to study in college/university? If you don't plan on going to either what do you wish to do after highschool?

  • Your face.
  • Psychology.
  • Physics!
  • I was studying and do wish to study Linguistics. However I am currently on bad terms with schooling in general, so that plan has been put on hold.
  • Game programming.
  • Physics. Hopefully gonna be an engineer.
  • yrd
  • Theatre and Finance
  • Either study biology, genetics, or go into the military.
  • Microbiology.
  • Either english, if I decide to become a teacher, or buisness if I decide to become a chef and go to culinary school as well. But I'll study english and math and ect. no matter what.
  • Pharmacology :)
  • music business. I start in the fall.
  • Applied math, physics, and chemistry.
  • fashion and business
  • I'm studying Audio Engineering in university.
  • I study Psychology.
  • Man, I have no idea. English literature? Art? Architecture? Engineering? There's too many options, all are some of my interests, though....Video game design?
  • (NIgger faggot repeated over and over and over and over and over again)
  • Computer Science FTW.
  • environmental science. with a concentration in energy? renewable energy like solar panels and such. that part is more iffy though than my overall major
  • community college for me
  • I want to travel and then go to university. I really want to just party and be carefree for once in my life
  • I am studying Mechanical Engineering.
  • I'm going to major in Computer Science. I love programming.
  • I'm going to drop out, get my GED, Join the Military for four years, then become a over the road trucker.
  • I finished college and studied Criminal Justice. I plan on going into corrections. Until then I am doing private investigations and process server :D I get paid do be a dick :P
  • I am out of schooling. I studied Veterinary Nursing.
  • Geology
  • Art Education.
  • I'm studying video game development. 3rd year.
  • I want to study to become a kindergarten teacher.
  • IT
  • I plan on majoring in Music Education.
  • Elementary teaching with a concentration in middle school science.
  • Business/Marketing/History/Film
  • And so what we have learned applies to our lives today, and God has a lot to say in His book. You see we know that God's Word is for everyone, and now that our song is done we'll take a look.
  • Theater and music :)
  • French and Italian
  • I am going to study pharmacy.
  • I plan on a Ph.D in Psychology
  • I plan on dual majoring in Comp Sci and Linguistics and subsequently going into Computational Linguistics.
  • After I drop out I want to join the drug trade!
  • I went to a wonderful community college and got an associates in Network Support and Administration.
  • Physics, tech. science,
  • I already graduated college for Computer Engineering.
  • i want to study engineering
  • IT SCARES ME QUITE A BIT TO KNOW THAT I DON'T KNOW. Maybe, I was thinking sports medicine in muscle movement.
  • An MBA program
  • Aeronautical Science (Pilot) I want to study at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. It's in Prescott, AZ.
  • Wow that question made me feel old. I did study Psychology...
  • Kinesilogy at Houston Baptist University. :D
  • I really want to go to Florida State University because its close enough to my home that I can come back in case of emergency, but far enough away that I don't have to be dependent on my parents all the time. I want to study languages, particularly the Asian ones. After college I'm planning to get a job as some sort of translator or something like that. What about you?
  • Biology to go to PA school
  • IT. I'm in graduation year. Next year I'm going for Network Infrastructure Design.
  • psychology/marriage and family therapy :)
I was going to write "ooh I answered that question" then realised that was an inane thing to say, so came up with this equally inane but slightly longer post.
what is your favorite thing to do when you are all alone?

  • 13 Variation of Masturbate.
  • I bet a lot of the answers you get for this are about masturbating.
  • Party.
  • Goof off.
  • Talk to the voices.
  • 4 read.
  • Laptop.
  • Draw.
  • Sing.
  • 3 Talk to myself.
  • 5Listen to music.
  • Just do nothing.
  • Eat small children.
  • Paint.
  • I'm not going to answer but it involves my hand.
  • Eat ice cream.
  • 2 Cry.
  • Think.
  • 3Video Games.
  • 2Watch Movies.
  • Search for new bands.
  • Watch TV.
  • 2Sleep.
  • Watch furry porn. (wtf)
  • Smoke pot.
  • Candy.
  • Dishes.
  • This.
  • Sit online.
Am I asking a question or are you answering a question?

  • Both. OMG!!!!!!!!
  • Are you answering the question of my answer before the answer was asked or questioned by the answer of the question?
  • Lolz both?
  • what do you think...
  • Both.
  • me. do me?
  • Neither?
  • Neither, you asked two questions.
  • Both
  • Am I answering a question with a question?
  • yes, and yes
  • both
  • i am now answering.
  • Both... obviously. Less philosophy, more funny.
  • answering
  • Yes I am answering your question with an answer
  • I don't know!
  • bad
  • both baby
  • That is the nature of Russian Doll Theory.
  • both
  • both
  • Im answering cuz Im more important.
  • Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • Is this an answer or a question?
  • Was that a question?
  • Maybe.
  • who know?
  • Both. lol
  • ur freakin retarded
  • refer to the answering of questions
  • Both
  • both.
  • Both.
  • both
  • Why can't it be both?
  • neither
  • both.
  • i am answering a question :D
  • Both
  • both
  • You.
  • (pedobear ascii)
  • Double time, multi task.
  • both
  • Both?
  • If I answer with another question, is there any hope for this world?
  • you are
  • Both.
  • Am I asking you a question?
  • you just did
  • aren't we feeling smart today?
  • Well right now I'm answering it. Some time ago, you were asking.
  • Both
  • Is that guy selling a pop or is the customer buying a pop?
  • I'm answering. You were asking. But that's in the past now.
  • o.o
Yay for spamming tumblr links.
I think the best question I asked was "What makes trolling a art, in your opinion?"

I purposely used the word a instead of an as somewhat of a troll move.

A lot of people responded angrily. Mission Accomplished.
While copying this I accidentally hit reactivate so it may pop up again but a lot of these answers made me smile because I too remember them:

What TV shows that are no longer running do you miss?
lizzy meguar (spell fail XP) ....etc
Full house.
Ed, Edd n Eddy
LOST: it was a brilliant show with great development, but the last season seemed rushed and the conclusion was a little trite.
Sailor Moon. :'( They need to air that again. Best. Show. EVUR
2 Angry Beavers. Catdog
tv shows can run idiot
barney :(
Arrested Development, Sit Down Shut Up, others I've forgotten...
Seinfeld :(
That 70s Show!
The Class
Death note...
the power puff girls
i love lucy
too many to count: buffy the vamp slayer, code name KND, code leyoko, sailor moon, invador zim. yeah..... too lazy to list the rest
The O.C. and Dawsons Creek
Powerpuff girls. Like really. I miss being little. :(
Friends :(
hey arnold!
Pushing Daisies
So Weird.
I Love Lucy.
Wildfire... Flapjack... I dunno what else.
Jimmy neutron
Phil of the Future.
HEY ARNOLD. a lot of the old disney channel and nickelodeon shows.
Samurai jack!!! omg i miss that show so much! and Johnny quest was fun to watch with my dad. including space ghost, the herculoids, thundarr the barbarian, samus and goliath, dinoboy, and BIIIIIIRDMAAAAN!!!
Invader Zim. I LOVE YOU GIR AND PIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boy Meets World
Scrubs. Miss the shit out of that!
Please watch this! :D
Recess. Family Matters. Alf. Fresh Prince. Road to Avonlea.
Star Trek! Yes, I know I'm a geek. I'm proud of it, too.
fresh price , family matters, cosby show, magic school bus,
Whose Line is it Anyways?
Arrested Development.
fresh prince!
hey arnold
Hey Arnold
where in the world is carman sandiago
Hey Arnold
phil of the future
Friends. It made me feel less Forever Alone :D
Mork and Mindy. Ahh Real Monsters. Hey Arnold.
prison break ...but it was getting kinda stupid. and heroes too, but season 4 was total crap.
Batman: animated series
ten rules to dating my teenage daughter
Rugrats and Invader Zim.
Will and Grace
Dharma and Greg
Captain Planet
boy meets world:( </3
Gilmore Girls
dexter's lab flapjack
Boy Meets World.
The original pokemon, the original digimon
Transformers G1, Captain planet, Bananas in Pyjamas
Pushing Daisies
American Dreams That Girl
invader zim
Scrubs X-Files Firefly Buffy
Avatar the last air bender, teen titans.
Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me
brady bunch, friends, seinfeld
That 70's show, Whose line, ahhh real monsters, boy meets world, mr bean, Seinfeld, sabrina the teenage witch, fresh prince, friends... uhh a lot more
October road, cold case, danny phantom, and many, many more.
Seinfeld. Arrested Development.
i miss the simpsons when it was always good
"Sailor Moon. :'( They need to air that again. Best. Show. EVUR"

I think I love that person.
Okay, I got a question: "Why the hell are there all these questions on this website?"

I think I peed myself laughing.
I posted this quite a while ago.
But since I got so much love in the answers, I thought I'd show it.

Like I cut up your angels, yeh you stabbed me to death.
Does angels lie to keep control?

  • wat
  • shut the fuck up, asshole
  • if i had just one bullet and a trigger id pull it, shoot my cupid out of the sky, break off his wings and gouge out his eyes and thank him for nothing cause thats all that he gave to me
  • don't post fucking original you cunt
  • no
  • The Used?
  • That's from The Used. It's so awesome I can't answer your question
  • I love The Used<3
  • :O
  • somebody likes the used...
  • humans definitely would know, wouldnt they?
  • lol the used. and idk
  • The Used<3
  • Your life has been touched by Bob Lurp.
  • The fuck?
  • no retard they tell the truth cause they are truthful there the good guys retard why would you say that do you believe in god punk ass bitch
  • sometimes
  • how can you tell the difference between the lies and the truth?
  • ?
  • What/
So vulgarish, it's disgusting.
I asked, "What's a song that makes you cry?" I've gone through most of them, & a lot of them were good, too.
So far, I've gotten:
  • Leaving on a Jetplane
  • Wake by the Antlers.What are the best answers you've received?
  • I can't think of one that has recently, but one that always has is "Never is a Promise" by Fiona Apple.
  • fall for you by secondhand serenade
  • Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  • "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman.
  • Idk why but need you now by lady antebellum
  • 45 by shinedown
  • Friday
  • Moonrise, it's a piano song. T_T
  • I don't get emotional over songs.
  • Almost any love song I hear these days.
  • merrie ma. From the movie like stars on earth
  • and
  • terrible things /mayday parade
  • None really make me cry, but some make me sad. That graduation song, Come Sail Away, In the Arms of an Angel, to name a few.
  • Temporary Home, Arms of the Angels, Butterfly Kisses
  • Your life has been touched by Bob Lurp.
  • Mr. Nobody- from the OST by Pierre van Dormael
  • Well, technically cheating since it's two songs, but a song called "Prisoner", and another called "Paper Plane". They're both in Japanese though. But after watching the videos for them and reading the English subtitles, even just hearing the songs makes me want to break down and cry.
  • your life has been touched by bob lurp
  • Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri
  • Concrete angel the music video is sooo sad :'(
  • one moment more by mindy smith (you have to listen to the lyrics, it's about her dying mother)
  • Let Me Fall by Josh Groban
  • Sonata Arctica's "Shamandalie"
  • Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros. I don't know why. I can't even understand it! It's in Icelandic, but it brings me to tears!!
  • I don't cry at songs, pussy.
  • Concrete Angel - Martina McBride
  • Um; Breathe Me by Sia.
  • cry me a river because I do whatever justin timberlake tells me to do.
  • "Tonight I Wanna Cry"
  • "Grandpa" "If Heaven Wasn't so Far Away"
  • Let it Be
  • almost lover by a fine frenzy
  • hmmmmm. probably "i miss you" by blink 182
  • Yesterday by Atmosphere (ya gotta listen to the whole thing though to get the effect)
  • "Child of God" by Todd Proctor.
  • Jack Sparrow by The Lonely Island
  • I didn't cry, but "Without You" by Mötley Crüe hit me hard a while ago.
  • From a previous question that I asked: Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) ~ Alicia Keys Closer ~ Joshua Radin Rose (Interlude) from Titanic Soundtrack Butterfly ~ Crazy Town The Longer the Waiting The Sweeter the Kiss ~ Josh Turner Nineteen ~ Tegan and Sara Untitled 01 ~ Brand New Who You'd Be Today ~ Kenny Chesney I'll Walk ~ Bucky Covington Heaven (9/11 Remix) ~ DJ Sammy [Untitled] ~ Simple Plan Neon Moon ~ Brooks and Dunn Le Chemins De L'Amour ~ Valeriya Grown Men Don't Cry ~ Tim McGraw Don't Wanna Miss A Thing ~ Aerosmith Never Gonna Be Alone ~ Nickelback Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) ~ Lindsay Lohan Christmas Shoes ~ Newsong Ave Maria and Firestorm (From Symphony No. 1 in Memoriam Dresden) ~ Bukvich Fire and Rain ~ James Taylor Theme from Up Soundtrack Love Hurts ~ Incubus Simple Man ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd Perfect ~ Simple Plan Last to Know ~ Three Days Grace Black Dahlia ~ Hollywood Undead Sleeper 1972 ~ Manchester Orchestra I Can Feel A Hot One ~ Manchester Orchestra Colly Strings ~ Manchester Orchestra Singled Out ~ New Found Glory Hey Jupiter ~ Tori Amos Let Down ~ Radiohead All I Wanted ~ Paramore Hallelujah ~ Bon Jovi The Day I Left the Womb ~ Escape the Fate Running up That Hill ~ Placebo Pet ~ A Perfect Circle Vacant ~ Dream Theater Look Away ~ Chicago Lucy ~ Skillet In Memoriam ~ Hammerfall Wait for Me ~ Theory of a Deadman Sometime Around Midnight ~ Airborne Toxic Event The Bully ~ Sia Man with a Child in his Eyes ~ Kate Bush Goodbye ~ Miley Cyrus Stay ~ Miley Cyrus More than a Feeling ~ Boston Pierrot the Clown ~ Placebo John Wayne Gacy Jr. ~ Sufjan Stevens I Could Have Lied ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers Jimmy's Dead from Black Dynamite Soundtrack Dance With The Devil ~ Immortal Technique
  • lullabye by dark mean
  • "Last Kiss" by Wayne Cochrane
  • Last night :') By Skillet
  • "You'll Be In My Heart" by Phil Collins.
^^ I think I answered Almost Lover, but I would have capitalized... or I was feeling wicked lazy. I can't remember XD
People are REALLY creative with this question:

How would you kill someone? Anything is possible.
Yay math assignment.
  • icecicle
  • i would capture them after dark, slit there throat witha sharpend credit card. id wear shoes that wer a bigger size than mine. id gut his body and throw the remains in the river for the fish to eat, id fill his body with cat litter so he did not smell id wash his body and paint him blue. and shove him inside one of the holes in the arches of a blue bridge near by.
  • LMFAO i'm not gonna flag you but i'm sure some1 will. I'd buy an illegal gun and never touch it with a bear hand, pop em from a distance outside in the dark, melt the gun and bullets...
  • I would just use a gun. Bullet to the brain.
  • Anything is possible? Very well, I'd drag them to the world of The World Ends With You, shoot them in the back of the head, and force them to play the Reapers' Game.
  • i wouldn't kill anyone but if i had to and i could anyway then it would be something quick and very painless
  • I wouldn't! That's a weird question to ask someone.
  • Depends on what they did to piss me off.
  • Depends on who it is, if it's the person I currently want to kill. I would go with slow and painful, the whole time reminding them all of the sick and twisted things they have done to me both physical and psychological. Sorry for the lack of details, I don't want to use up my imagination before it happens.
  • I wouldn't. I would rather disable them in such a manner that they would be too discouraged to give me further reason to kill them.
  • It depends who it is.
  • I can't tell you. You would think I was crazy.
  • with a SPOON.
  • Quietly... and depending on who and why... slowly.
  • I would stab them with my unicorn horn and make them bleed rainbows and glitter! Then people wouldn't be able to get angry at me for it because it would have made the world pretty :D(Okay, that was ridiculous. I apologize for the lack of brain cells used in the writing of that. I'd use and icicle. The evidence would melt.)
  • With my bare fists pounding my childhood bullying into the ground until he turns into dust. When I'm done, I'd piss on his dust. You would do it too, don't lie.
  • Depends on who, why they needed to die, how painful I wanted to make it, and whether I needed to de it secretly or not.
  • I would never kill. Unless it's to defend. Then I would want the least messy way.
  • I'd send my elephant herd to trample them.
  • I'm not allowed to kill anyone.
  • I want him or her to write his or her Last Will and Testament, give it to me, then I throw them in lava without a fight. I can then choose to give the document to the family or not.
  • In many ways. How would you like me to express it?
  • I don't think I could.
  • sniper rifle
  • close range RPG
  • Manliest Game Ever. Hate them to death before they hate you to death.
  • I wouldn't. I would just nake them suffer mentally. The body will heal in time with torture, but the mind is something far more fragile.
  • With a Rube Goldberg that goes as follows. 1: a trigger is pulled by me that shoots a gun. 2: the bullet cuts a string that drops a flint onto a rock doused in gasoline. 3: the gas burns a rag that is supporting the weight of a bowling ball. 4: the bowling ball lands on a fish bowl full of marbles which causes it to break and the marbles to scatter out. 5: you slip on the marbles and fall off a cliff, but, at the last second you grab the ledge. 6: I walk over to you and look at the look of betrayal in your eyes. I then step on your fingers which causes you to fall to your death.
Chickadee said:
Haha, it's okay. (:
I think my favorite answer was the 'Jesus' one. Made me laugh.

That was me.
You look down at your wrist and see a bee crawling up your arm, what do you do?
turn into a nun
scream really loud and try to get the bee of. :)
I like bugs, so probably nothing.
Name it Jeffrey and become best friends forever with it.
I see cuts not a bee
flick it off.
kill it dumb butt
panic and scream and flail about and kill the bee.
eat it
light my arm on fire
Watch it for a few minutes, then carry it towards a window so it can fly away.
Freak the fuck out.
I pick it up, call it bud and kepp it forever.
wait for it to fly away. i'm seriously that chill.
I'm pretty sure that's happened before (well maybe not up my arm, but something like that). I didn't do anything, just ignored it.
Flick it.
i would BEE afraid! XD
FREAK OUT! I totally hate bugs, I know you're not supposed to freak out around bee's but I would :)
shake it off gently, or pick it up wiht my hand and blow it off.
hit it off
Falcon punch!
Flick it off?
Blow the bee off my arm
Calmly wait for it to fly away.
brush it off. SCREAM
Uncontrollably freak out.
Flip shit and cut my arm the fuck off.
Stay still, grab the paper, and shoo it.
sit still and wait for it to fly away
I don't know. I've never been in that situation before.
A bee is more afraid of you then you are of it. Let the creature move on. If you do not startle the bee, it will leave without harming you.
flick it off
flick it off.. i'd probably panic first though.
Hold very, very still while emitting a shrill, quiet as possible shriek.
Freeze and stand COMPLETELY still, close my eyes, and practically stop breathing until it flies away
freak out
Stay still and wait for it to go away. You're not in any danger.
I'd take the moment to get the chance to see bees up close. I'd check out their fur and how big it was. Did it have any pollen on it? Is there a nest nearby? Oh, it's on it's way already. Bye, bee. Bees won't hurt you.
Go back to doing whatever I was doing. He'll go away soon enough. I love bees, they're cute and so very helpful :)
Let it chill. He's just curious.
Freak and rip my arm backwards while simultaneously launching out of my seat. Or, if I'm around people, I attempt to act cool and smash it. Two very different reactions.
gently blow it away and go inside
Flick that wrist, then run away.
shake my arm till it falls off and run screaming :)
Well, first I freeze and don't move at all, if it stings me I scream and run around like a mad person, if it doesn't and flies off I run away like a mad person, if it stays on my arm I never move.
Probably gasp and hold very still. If it stayed there for a long time I might lose it and start swinging at it.
Call the avengers for some help.
Stay still, unless it's pissed
pluck it.
let it crawl, it's not going to hurt me. It's just a bee. Now... if it were a wasp, or something more aggressive, then I'd smack it off and run.
Flick it off.
Flick the bee off and runaway screaming.
wait for it to fly off me
It won't sting unless I startle it, it's not like it's a wasp or something.
stay very still and try to calm down while freaking the fuck out. bees and like insects can sense when you are afraid, because you excrete a pheromone that you yourself cannot detect, when they sense this, they attack.
Freak the fuck out.
Flip shit but keep completely still. I'm allergic.
Leave it alone. I play with wasps bro and they are often more aggressive than bees. I like black and yellow bugs. I feel like I can trust them. Yes, I've been told I am odd many times.
Flick it off.
Best leave the room, my sister tends to attract bees.
flick him.
Freak the fuck out because i am alergic.
Fucking scream.
don't move
Freak the eff out.
shake my arm.
Move around my arm in hopes it flys away
smash it
shake my arm real quick
i would scream and maybe hit it.
Flip the fuck out and wave my arm around trying to get it off because I don't want to touch it with my other hand.
Freak the fuck out.
scream. I'm irrationally terrified of bees and have been since I was a little kid (I'm 26).
Gently shake my arm.
Scream and flail my arms wildly.
Stay still.
Leave it alone, then FREAK THE FUCK OUT.
Hold very still until it flies away. DNW to get stung.
Freak the fuck out.
Shake it and say "Aw fuck you bee!"
freak out!
flick it off
Why can't I get a fucking answer on this website?
brush it off quickly and run like hell.
freak the fuck out
Gently try to blow it off.
slowly prepare your finger to flick it off and run
Flip out
Flail my arm around and room out of the room hoping not to get a boss.
cry, sob.
get stung, die. etc.!/profile.php?id=1292927846 add me ;)
Nothing. Panic would ensure stingage.
takes its wings off
Freak the fuck out
scream and flip out, running around in circles
Wave my arms in the air and scream like a little bitch.
Fucking FREEZE. Scream for a family member.
run awayyyy!!!!
Wait for it to leave or just flick it off
Blow on it and then shake my arm and then run down the hall jumping and screaming. Probably.
Shake it off and run the fuck away
Run around in circles.
talk to the bee, gaining his confidence, then when it least expects it I eat it, gaining it's powers.
wiggle my arm all over like a flippin looney toon
I can't remember the last time I saw a bee. They're all dying. =(
shit my pants.
Chill. Bees are vital to all sorts of plant life and they mean no harm.
Shake my wrist then smack the bee away
Wouldn't the world be so much better if there weren't any women?

  • NO because what about all of us STRAIGHT guys?
  • Nah, cause then I wouldn't exist.
  • well, excuuuuuse me!
  • No, bastard. Without women, the human race wouldn't exactly be able to carry on, now would -it?
  • As a homosexual, I have to say yes.
  • No
  • No, it would be horrible
  • no
  • It would be awful.
  • Chuck Norris
  • women have feelings too
  • As a woman i would say no, but knowing how many bitches there are i would agree.
  • no i like pussy
  • You are too gay to exist.
  • Yes. No women, no kids. No kids, no more generations! No more humans! Woo!
  • no jerk!
  • and the humanity would die out? yeah, seems ok to me
  • nope it wouldn't
  • no. never. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever.
  • No.
  • Why is that?
  • Sounds like someone isn't getting laid.
  • It would work out fine for me if we had an alternate means of reproduction.
  • uhhhhhhhh. no. ... stupid
  • At least women think with the correct head.
  • Yes they start all problems. They make every simple decision hard and should just die
  • no?
  • ....Well who would make you a sandwitch????
  • you'll take that back in a month tops.
  • ... No.
  • Then there would be no way to reproduce ;)
  • NO!
  • Hell yeah motherfucker.
  • Yes, and even better if there were no men or women.
  • I don't know. Most of my friends are female. I'd be a pretty unhappy camper if my friends -weren't around.
  • nope
  • The whole world would die out you numbskull. Without women, no children would be born. -Duh.
  • NO. Who'd make me food?
  • Not always ;P
  • :o NOWAI
  • Can't live with them. Can't live without them.
  • No, not at all. Women are awesome.
  • No, I believe that would be hell.
  • ok.
  • no
  • No, the human race would die out, you idiot.
  • Yeahhh...have fun trying to keep the species going by yourselves...
  • No Id miss them
  • No, women make the world go round, plus no new people would be born and humans would die -off.
  • nope. sorry, i like women.
  • I think you have it backwards. It would be better if there were no men.
  • yeah, but then there'd be no one to keep the human race going.
  • I resent that.
  • no.
  • lol fuck off
  • i would fucking kill myself if there werent any women. i have no problem with gay people but i am not one of them. i love women to death. and by the way you would not be here if there wernt any
  • successful X is successful
  • no. what kind of question is that? without a woman you wouldnt exist.
  • Procreation is good.
  • No. My Master Eric would go mad.
  • No! Then you couldn't reproduce and the world would end.
  • yes because then humans couldn't reproduce. No people, no problems
  • it'd be better without men also
  • Wouldn't the world be so much better if you kept your mouth shut?
  • are you gay? jw
  • hahahaha
  • The fact by itself, no.
  • By extension, possibly, because it would wipe out guys like you as well.
  • no that world would suck
  • gay orgies 24/7
  • :)P
  • probs not because the world wouldn't exist after a few years
  • no
  • No?
  • Because then the whole human race would go extinct if there weren't any women to reproduce. -Retard.
  • Sure. Then you could all just butt fuck each other.
  • uh, no.
  • The world might be better if there were only one sex, but no matter what people will find ways to divide and ostracize each other. Women specifically have nothing to do with it.
  • :(
  • The world would end without any women, just sayin.
  • Not really. Cause your mom is a woman, and with out her you wouldn't be here. Just saying.
  • I would say good luck to the men trying to keep the human race continuing. Might I add that man are the more agressive, more war prone, and more selfish of the two genders. So, in that term, wouldn't the world be so much better if all the men were trapped inside machines, and women ran the world?
  • no
  • you wouldn't be alive, moron.
  • It might make finding a boyfriend more likely. But it's mean the end of all animal life...
  • You gay?
  • you fucking bastard
  • No way. Without women the world would be boring.
  • no...
  • no because then there would be more gay people.
  • No, we make everything better.
  • Not really.
  • Not at all
  • Yeah. Until humanity died out.
  • No sammiches!

There were more but I didn't copy them over. I was curious of what other people's reasoning would be. I had no clue they would respond so hostilely. It's not like I actually said I thought the world would be better that way.
"Wouldn't" is generally seen to imply that you think what you're asking.
Do you cut the crusts off of your bread?

11/117 said sometimes.
98/117 said no.
8/117 said yes.

One person has a dinosaur cookie cutter they use on their sandwiches to remove the crust and create a fun dino-shape.
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