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Question: For all you gamers out there, what is was your most satisfying moment in a video game?
360 no scope in call of duty, or finishing darksiders
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i want to
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Killing Zeus in God of War 3
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Felt pretty good beating the elite 4 on red version back in the day.
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Defeating a difficult enemy. Could be an action game or strategy game. It has the same feeling.
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Actually goddamn winning
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Finally gathering all the materials needed to make an important item
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When my person accidentally does something that helps me sooooooo much.
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I’m a huge Metal Gear Solid fan and MGS4 wrapped the whole series up so nicely. Or at least as nice as a series as complicated and insane as MGS could be. Fighting Ocelot on top of the ship and having phases of the fight pay homage to the previous installments was so cool. Reminding the player that the one common factor in each game was Ocelot. He was there whenever shit went down and he always slithered away. Then you finally do defeat him and he reveals everything. That he was a triple(quadruple?) agent working on his own agenda. Your goals quite similar after all this time. You wanted to stop The Patriots’ control over the world (Think an Illuminati type organization) and he wanted to free the world by driving the broken system into the ground. After the climatic battle almost all the characters you interacted with over the years find closure and peace with others or themselves. Big Boss reveals himself to Solid Snake and pays respect to his clone/son that defeated(Killed?) him twice. Acknowledging that through all of the horrors and near global destruction endured throughout the series, Snake was the best thing to come from it all and that he was the only one who got it right. Didn’t fight for a nation, a creed, money, an idealogy, or even himself. He was a cranky hardass who fought for others that couldn’t defend themselves. Big Boss dies and Snake takes what little time he has left to enjoy the world. Very satisfying.
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bowling a perfect 300 in Wii Sports
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When you thought you broke a wr speedrun, only to realize you were playing the wrong level. Satisfying, but also disappointing~
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Press square to hug your wife
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When we worked together well.
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Bloodborne and Dark souls are very satisfying games to play, at least for me.
The feeling you get when you finally beat that boss that you've struggled against for the last forever...
its fantastic
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might and magic mandate of heaven
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that one time i fortnite danced
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God damn sploon 2, when i beat the secret boss
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Defeating a boss! Especially games with more than one. When you beat one you've been stuck on for weeks (I play at a friends once a week) you can finally carry on.

Or reaching a save point if it doesn't have manual save and is really intense and scary AF!
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In a singleplayer game:
Oxenfree was *super* satisfying to me because I was at a point of getting genuinely concerned about the potential consequences of my choices. I don't wanna go into too much detail for spoiler-sake, but there were some encounters where I could actually feel the sense of imminent danger and it was extremely cathartic.

For multiplayer:
I really can't remember a good one that I did. Over the summer I kicked my brother's ass in Smash 4 after a really close match. I grew up getting my ass kicked by him in every single video game we ever played, so that was nice.
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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is probably my most played game.
The first time I beat the game is was the most satisfied I'd ever been in a game, and I sometimes go back to relive the experience.
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getting a perfect on street fighter, taking out an entire base without taking any damage in spider man or fallout, or doing a perfect accidental trick in a forza game
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old old game playstation 2 game champions of norath honestly the hardest game ive ever played but when i beat it it was amazing
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no scope double kill with Henri-Martini sniper while jumping in BF 1 on argone Forest
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Finally beating King Bomb-Om on Super Mario 64 for the DS when I was 6 or 7.
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Getting out of the dump in Detroit. Felt good man
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Just killing any boss in Dark Souls with a zweihander
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When I defeated Moon Lord in Terraria.
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Fortnite win with no kills
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When I beat the game on the hardest difficulty without killing anyone and then proceed to get the achievement for killing everyone instead.
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While I'm not a big fan of the game itself killing undyne in the genocide route of undertale was sick
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Taking down tigrex subspecies in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I'll always have a soft spot for singing sea shanties on the jackdaw in Black Flag though.
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Mario Party, every mashing or sprinting minigame
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Killing the people that Piss me off
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The choice it had you make after becoming one with excal umbra in Warframe.
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In undertale in the fight with sans, once I unlocked the option to spare sans I was so happy, but I kept fighting him (actually the better choice lmao)
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Beating the Pit of 100 Trials in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door was a Moment for sure

I also really like when you reach max affinity with a companion character or another character that you can build relationships with, like when I reached max friendship with Nick Valentine in Fallout 4, my life felt complete 'cause I'm platonically in love with him

how about you?
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Anytime my mind asks "Hey, I wonder if I can do that" and then I can.
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When my fellow gangweeders and I shit all over Drumpft.
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A quintuple kill with D.Va Ult
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That time when I was scout with a shortstop in 2fort and when I jumped of the ledge to go into the sewers I shot it at someone on the bridge and I killed them instantaneously. T'was awsome.
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Probably either reaching platinum in StarCraft 2 or reaching legend in Hearthstone for the first time.
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When you find a glitch/Exploit >:)

Online: when you hit a High rank
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That moment when you kill your older sister three times in a row on every SEGA fighter retro game.
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When I was 5, it was scoring more than 10000 points in Asteroids.

When I was 10, it was flinging Bowser into the bombs during his boss fight.

When I was 15, it was completing the Pokedex in Pokemon Yellow.

When I was 20, it was finishing Halo 3's campaign.

When I was 25, it was collecting the Fierce Deity's Mask.

Let's see what 30 brings.
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In Journey, when I realized that the whole game is an allegory. My anonymous friend and I, who had been together since almost the beginning of the game, learned that we could fly forever if we were willing to constantly give to one another, and we reached crazy heights just because of our teamwork. Also, we were completely safe from the seekers as long as we kept moving forward confidently. It was when we got afraid and hid in those boxes in the snow, stopped moving, that we were attacked and stripped of our power. So profound, it's such a simple game but probably my favorite ever.
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when I finally won minecraft
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Getting all the vehicles on top of the base in Halo's blood gulch. Two ghosts, two warthogs, and two scorpion tanks.

Followed closely by the achievement of getting all but one tank up there in an online CTF game, and then jamming them all into the base so our flag was inaccessible.
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First 30 hit combo in a fighting game
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It'd probably be certain things I've done driving in GTAV.
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The best goal I ever scored in FIFA. Wish I had a video of it. Heel flick, perfect spin move around a defender, perfect chip right over the keepers hands. Really late in a tied match. Ended up being the winning goal
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When you get that 360 noscope quad right in their face
Nah jk I personally think it's super satisfying when you get a headshot with a sniper rifle that's already a one-shot sniper even if it's a body shot, it's kinda like an in-your-face moment
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In Borderlands 2, I played as the Gunzerker while my partner was a sniper spec Axton. I had found a Bonus Package Mirv Grenade. With the Double Your Fun skill, I could throw two grenades at once (one of them not costing ammo). This made for a huge amount of boom and lots of particle effects. It was actually so much explosions, I had to stay far clear of the blast or I'd get blow up too.

I did Mr. Torgue proud.
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When i type kappa in the chat
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Finishing “halo: reach”
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Finally clearing that song you been playing for an hour (I play rhythm games).
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when the round youve been doing over and over is finally passed
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when you kill someone under tower, first blood, get out with 10 hp
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Getting an achievement that's a big deal on accident.
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Beating dialga in PKM Dungeon Explorers of Darkness.

Beating the first boss in Final Fantasy 4 (Sounds minor but the context was big for me)

Beating the elite four I guess
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When the storyline gets really good.
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Beating Terraria in hardcore mode. I could die happy after that.
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Finishing a super hard puzzle
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Pulling through a hard situation where much was lost, then succeeding despite it.

I recently played a game where the party had to retreat. The warriors died to give the thief and druid a chance to escape. They made it to a town, resurrected the fallen ones, stole some rudimentary equipment because they had little left, then snuck back in the dungeon with no torches (they forgot) and got back to their piles of loot. They got attacked while still putting on gear and had to fight in the dark, but they still made it and finished the mission.
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Finding Easter eggs
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When I got Master Guardian in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
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im not a gamer
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When you get the last achievement you've been farming for hours to get and you finally have 100% completion. Best feeling ever.
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The end of a solitaire game on Windows 95/98 where the cards start jumping all over the screen. It's very hypnotizing to watch - a great reward for completing a game I always thought as a little kid.
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There's a few that standout in my mind.

1. When I figured out how to use basic trigger commands in Age of Mythology at about age 8.

2. When I hit the level cap in WoW for the first time.

3. Most recently, it would've been when I crushed this mauader empire on my borders in Stellaris, finally, after years of getting raided relentlessly. Except they just got about six times their numbers in event troops and conquered me entirely.

That game sucks. Don't buy Stellaris. It's a lot of unfair event troops and cheaty AI.

Anyway, that's all from me, see you next time.
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getting to the final boss, not beating them, just... getting to them
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I can't really think of any singular moment.

Three moments stick out to me though as "woah" moments.

1) Reaching Vivec for the first time in Morrowind (traveled on foot)
2) Opening the Temple of Time door in Ocarina of Time
3) Leaving the vault in Fallout 3
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The time I took an arrow to the knee.
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Finishing a run of Hell in Cave Story.
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completing the full desolation run with no consumables on my assassin in guild wars 1
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Beating hades 9.0 in kid icarus uprising


beating any boss in dark souls
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You know, I'm not sure that I could say over the course of my life that I remember the most satisfying moment, but RECENTLY I've been playing Metroid Prime 2 on hard mode. I remember 10 years ago as a kid I could never beat the Boost Ball Guardian in Torvus Box, but now as a 21 year old I can, I just did it this weekend and it was beautiful
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Wow that's a ton of answers. Nice question, I saw my answer it was the monster hunter/black flag one.
RIP stephen hillenburg, you will be remembered in our hearts.

damn straight. i loved spongebob and Hillenburg's passion in making one of the most popular and lovable cartoons on nickelodeon

who is he?



whos he

He was the real #1 ...

I'm sure whoever that is will rest in peace.

And may SpongeBob SquarePants continue to be produced for years until it takes place as the longest running American animated series!




Who the fuck is that

Bit late there aren't ya.

*RIP, *Stephen *Hillenburg
Being a girl.
Being a guy.
On a scale of one to patrick, is this the krusty krab?



No this is patric

No this is Patrick

NO! THIS! IS! SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

no, this is 7


No I'm Squidward

This one got a decent amount of answers.

What are you addicted to?
  • Besides TCaS?
  • Stress
  • Chips, porn, making people laugh, self hatred.
  • Caffeine
  • This website and Yt
  • the feeling of standing up real fast after sitting down really long. idk if this is normal btw but i have like 3 times a day that i become very dizzy and just lose control of my body and consciousness. sometimes its worse than the other time but i like the feeling because it just teleports me to a world with no worries for about 15 seconds
  • Soap
  • Heroin.
  • Fanfiction, more specifically angsty fanfiction
  • physical contact with someone who loves me back
  • Oxygen
  • buying clothes
  • cleaning. I just spent 2 hours boiling vinegar in and scrubbing an electric kettle; my hands are raw
  • Diet Coke and cake
  • memes
  • Idk
  • food
  • masturbating
  • Nicotine.
  • smonk
  • You
  • Feeling miserable I guess.
  • Masturbation, social media, sugar
  • girls
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
that was a rollercoaster from start to finish.
I played chess on it.
ecr674 said:

the feeling of standing up real fast after sitting down really long. idk if this is normal btw but i have like 3 times a day that i become very dizzy and just lose control of my body and consciousness. sometimes its worse than the other time but i like the feeling because it just teleports me to a world with no worries for about 15 seconds
Sounds like Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).
It could also be a low blood pressure thing without specifically being POTS. I like that feeling too though and I do have POTS, although I don’t like it when I have a mini-seizure during the black out bit.
Woah, have you gotten an EEG when you've had what you've just described? That's the only real way to know if you're having focal seizures (usually the kind people mean when they say mini-seizures). I have short lived focal seizures nearly every morning when I wake up, but I can only know that's what they are because of numerous EEGs and being diagnosed epileptic as a kid. If you haven't gotten an EEG recently with what you're describing as mini-seizures, tell me about them. At best I can say "go to a doctor, but don't worry too much" or "go to right to a neurologist." A lot of different things can produce symptoms similar to what you’ll read about if you look up focal seizures. That’s the sort of thing you really need to figure out ‘cause you may need anticonvulsants like I take. You may have some sclerotic tissue in your brain - a usual cause. I don’t however. Sometimes it’s unknowable the cause. Either way, you know about SUDEP I’m sure. Don’t take them lightly, dude. I don’t want you dying on us.

I'm just wondering because I've had black outs from low blood pressure before, and they do feel similar but still pretty different. I don't have POTS, but I have to imagine it may feel a little different from a seizure. I just hope you're not actually having focal seizures is all the questions and what not. They're absolutely miserable and can fuck up you up for days if they last long enough. Well, they can be pretty trippy (for lack of a better word) sometimes and sometimes can leave you feeling a lot better than before if you were having a lot of things stressing you out or making you sad. Don't give yourself seizures though. I won't tell you how to do that.
Basically when everything goes all black I just convulse a bit. Sometimes I end up sinking down to the floor, or rattling against the doorframe (since it often happens when I'm getting up to go to the toilet). It's hard to really explain because I'm not quite fully conscious when it happens, I just notice when I'm coming out of it that I was convulsing. I sometimes get convulsions in my hands though (I basically lose control of them) where they get really taut and start shaking around. I've never really thought much of the blackout seizures or didn't notice that it's not normal until recently though.

I think I've been somewhat open recently about suspecting that I might have MS, so if this is another potential symptom of that I would not be super shocked. Especially since I've been having a flareup of my MS type symptoms a lot over the past few days - I'm back to permanently feeling like I need to pee.
Dude. Go to a neurologist and tell them what’s up. They’ll probably want to do a sleep deprived EEG. Like, that alone sounds like you should be taking anticonvulsants. Seriously. SUDEP is real. I still have seizures even on my four daily anticonvulsants. You don’t even have to have a severe seizure for it to happen. That sounds pretty severe on its own though, especially if you don’t have any meds for seizures. Like, you say “just convulse a little”. Look I know I can be pretty damn lackadaisical about my seizures, but I just downplay shit hardcore ‘cause I don’t want people worrying about me of all things.

Like it may not even be seizures, buuuut considering that epileptics just die randomly sometimes with no anatomical explanation...
Yeah. MS is best caught early.

Article. (The paper linked from the article is open access).
What do you think of the soul claiming thing?

I don't think I know what it means to soul claim

Idk what that is

what's soul claiming?

It annoys me. It would be suuuuper petty to use Mod Powers to stop it, but sometimes I have to exercise a lot of restraint.

It was a fun thing though it's kinda overblown now

the what ?


What's that?

Weird and I think it dissuades new users from using the forum.

It funi

lol what

I just saw it on one person's profile.
I don't like it. I know it's just a silly thing but don't feel you are so important that you can claim any part of any other person.

What soul claiming thing are you referring to?

That's hecking creepy

Idk what it is. I mean I know what it is, but I don't know what it's about. All I know is that I was claimed.


Meh, I can do without. I don't claim anyone's soul, it kinda seems like a dick measuring contest, but whatever, people can do whatever they want

Never heard of it. Please explain.

it's fun


it's a little dumb, and it's part of the reason i don't feel like joining the forums

Super annoying and the people doing it are taking what started as a dumb joke too far

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
9 people don't know what it is
10 people don't care for it
3 like it
You just can't tell some people. At least I nudged them to get a room contain most of it in a thread of its own, so that's been an improvement.
It’s better than some of the old inside jokes that plagued the forum a while back.
It’s better than some of the old inside jokes that plagued the forum a while back.

(Lol, pressing “post” twice still works)
At this point soul-hoarding IS an old inside joke. ; )
Man time is so fast I can’t keep track. How old is it at this point?
I think I remember seeing souls getting dibbed on people's introduction threads while I lived in Tallahassee, so five years at least.
Five years ago from this half of the year was... I was in my second apartment in Baton Rouge. Yeah I didn’t really use the forum that much back then. Did I? I tried hard to forget that.
Wish there was an easy way to share the 354 answers to my question. Hey Blake, can we have an option to make our question and answers public?
Five years ago from this half of the year was... I was in my second apartment in Baton Rouge. Yeah I didn’t really use the forum that much back then. Did I? I tried hard to forget that.

I just did a brief search and it's been around since 2011 at least.
TwoCans first launched January 29th, 2009, but the forum didn't come until later. I want to say around 2010?
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