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My earliest memories are from the fall of '89 (The Little Mermaid, Berlin Wall...)
I seem to recall Alvin and the Chipmunks being responsible for bringing down the wall, with a concert.
Of course you guys are good at doing a sad. I should never have been surprised.

Question #2098536 Aug 22, 2019 5:12 PM 26 answers
What's your favorite sad song? You know, that one you go back to when you just need to wallow for a while.

Mine's sometime around midnight by the airborne toxic event.
Soldier Side gives me chill every time

If i die young.........

elo - mr blue sky

I've built a whole "melancholy" playlist, but if you want me to just pick one:

Loneliest Girl from Carole & Tuesday

I don't like sad songs. They just make me sadder. Why on earth would someone need to wallow?

I like listening to sleepaways on bandcamp.

Dango Daikazoku by Chata
Asayake no Starmine by Imai Asami

Forever and always

While there are a few the one that comes to mind is Five FInger Death Punch - Walk Away

Life & Death from the Lost OST

Better for me by fake laugh, eyes without a face by billy idol

"The Long And Winding Road" by The Beatles.

Shadows and Regrets by Yellowcard

odds and ends, but it's in japanese. a classic vocaloid song.

Something’s Always Wrong by Toad the Wet Sprocket.
Always gets me pumped up, every time. Without fail.

"All This Bad Blood" by Bastille.
Disc II, Part 1. All of it.

Don't speak her name!

I Lost a Friend or prom dress i guess

I hide from sad feelings so I don't really have a good one

4th of July

4th of July

I listen to Parra for Cuva doing Wicked Games. It reminds me of my girl and how I can't have her.

either something to believe by bret michaels or through glass by stone sour.
"Why on earth would someone need to wallow?"

*points to Inside Out*
ecr674 said:

odds and ends, but it's in japanese. a classic vocaloid song.

That was my answer

Btw, here's a meme question I asked: why pass your classes when you can pass away

Ridge Racer! Ridge Racer everyone!

good idea, I'll try it out and report back on how it went

me when i jaywalk and threaten that cars run me over so they can pay my tuition


*Why *away?

no! you can do it!

Shut up
This one split so evenly it's kinda crazy. The first day it was 444, what an unexpectedly devisive topic.


  • Nah, don't really bother at all honestly

  • Tweezers and scissors

  • Ugh... I hate my body hair so much... I'm male-bodied genderfluid and my body hair is what really hits my dysphoria the hardest. The worst part is that if I shave, I'm a cactus the next day and I have it all back the day after that. It takes me up to two hours to shave my body and is just a ton of work. Even worse is the itching that comes as well as all the razor cuts... What I'm looking into getting is an epilator. It's basically an electric tweezer that pulls the hairs out. I'm also looking into "magic shaving powder". It's a depilatory powder that you mix with water and spread on yourself. It's like Nair, but I've heard it's far less harsh. My dream is to get laser removal, but that is pricey as hell. Just for my face would be $140 per session and I've heard people having to go for 10-20 sessions. Now just imagine the price for legs, chest, and all the rest. I'd rather fix my teeth or fix my balding head first for that price.

  • Only ass hair really bothers me but the rest is also a mild nuisance; even the hair on my head but that is important to my appearance and style (as is my facial hair. If there were an easy way to remove hair from everywhere on my body expect my head, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

  • Razors. Even on my delicate lady mustache.

  • i use nair

  • I don't do anything with mine

  • I basically don't bother at all until I literally have to. I'm female but growing up I had accelerated male-pattern hair growth. My mother tried to get on my case to keep on top of it, but I would shave and it would feel like it was back days later. It just wasn't worth it. I don't actually know how long it took to grow back but it was fast enough that I was so discouraged and I didn't even mind it that much in the first place. So now I basically don't shave at all.

  • I honestly don't mind body hair, on myself, or others.

  • It consumes my mind

  • A real man doesn't shave (or whatever) below his neck
I have been told from the hate thread to bump this so a cat doesn't die.

So here's a bump.

Also, that's an interesting result for the shaving question.
Thank you Mathy.

Here's the question I was itching to post.
yes, the Grand Poobah. Love that one.
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