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I've claimed my first soul. Hehehehaw.
Half of yours, and an IRL friend of mine who I managed to get into here.
Why did this need to be a thread?
It pains me to say this, but this may not be worthy of a thread. It could be celebrated through some other means.

Edit: I had the same thing to say as Caveat, it seems.
Fair enough. Thanks for telling me. Didn't know.
It's alright. Thank you for being understanding.
You're good, just use the soul claim thread next time!
I didn't even know the soul thread existed, where is it?
Within the sandbox, my friend.

Aww how you guys so speedy :(
I'm chronically typing on my phone.
Is that a horneh lipbite or nervous lipbite profile picture? or is it a lipbite at all??
I can't tell
I'm proud to say I'm the original maker of caveat's avatar. He just makes variations.
i want to fucking kill myself
💢 What is this thread about???
i want to fucking kill myself

please don't
that doesnt stop me from wanting it so badly
Think about what you'd miss. And who would miss you.