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If you werent already aware, today(June 30th, 2022)a video was posted to Techoblade's channel titled "so long nerds." In it, Techno(real name now known as Alex)'s father sits down announcing his death, and reads his last words to his fans. This is a truly shocking event knowing his catchphrase of "Technoblade never dies."

However, Technoblade is not Alex. But Alex will always be Technoblade.
Rest in peace Technoblade. He was an amazing person, but died too young. I only started watching him a few years ago, but he made those years worthwhile. I can't imagine how his family must feel 💔 He will always be in our hearts. Technoblade never dies.

also f**k cancer
I rarely watched his videos, but it's still strange to know he is dead. It's sometimes easy to forget that there are real people making these videos, and I think that's what makes it such a strange feeling.
i cried a little when i found out
Ok I really don't get why this is such a big deal? Since when is a youtuber this important?

Not tryna be a dick, I'm genuinely curious why this is impacting people this way.
He is one of the more notable Minecraft YouTubers, along notable channels like PopularMMO's, StampyLongNose, DanTDM, Dream, etc.
I didn’t watch him much but I still want to cry.

Also 1.5 million new subscribers on the day of his death. That’s a lot.
stripes said:
i cried a little when i found out

I struggled to do schoolwork after I found out
I found out first thing in the morning and struggled not to cry in school throughout the entire day. and then my day went pretty bad so I just cried a lot at night
I didn't really watch his content, but the amount of impact that he had on his community was so positive and great. It's really sad to see him go. Rest in peace, legend.
Looks like he was added to the Minecraft launcher.
Yeah, I saw that on youtube earlier
ive never liked modern mc youtubers AND ive never watched technoblade but daaamn, that sucks.
cancer is a bitch
That kind of thing is really sad. I never knew the person but I can understand it's a big deal for his fans.
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