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With Artemis 1 launching in less than 5 days, I thought now would be a good time to start this thread.
Wow times passes so fast. Won't be long until we get humans on the moon again.
So what does everybody think about James Webb?
dont know who james webb is but ive always wanted to go to space. i think it would be awesome like super awesome like so awesome that i would die awesome
stripes said:
dont know who james webb is

He was a former NASA administrator.
All I knew about him is that he got a telescope named after him.
they're back?! oops I accidentally clicked a link
Guess they are.

Also on the topic of Artemis I, its currently scheduled to launch at 12:33 UTC today, which is 8:33pm in my timezone so I get to watch it yay
Not anymore. They've scrubbed it. Next launch date is September 2nd.
I don’t think I can watch it live in the morning because of something called school.
It apparently launch at 12:48 p.m. EST on the September 2nd date. That's during lunch for me in Central Time.
That's after my lunch and during my Art II class.
why do they keep changing the date?
Apparently, one of the engines was not working properly.
ahhh okie
Damn its in my lunch now
Scratch that, got how am and pm works wrong, its at my midnight.
Launch is tomorrow, now. Exciting. Now I'll for sure be able to watch it. 2:17-4:17 EDT.
i wish it was today so i could stay home
Im assuming its PM?
Yeah, PM.
Nice, 1:17 for me
I was not paying attention. Did it do the thing?