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This is a story I've typed out on my school computer, however, have no means of transferring it onto my household computer.

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chapter 1: realtercality

"Are you sure this is safe?"

"Of course, I've done this multiple times. I don't look a day over... uh, 91."

The young adult girl would chuckle as she leaned against the alleyway wall, the demon facepalming and would shake her shoulders. "Are you sure this is where he is? I've been looking for him for, what, a year now? I know how much you like to play games with me, Lucy." She chuckles, having to get closer to Wif in order to speak to him. He knew he was backing away, he just didn't want to get too close to her. Lucy gets weird around him, especially when they're alone. They aren't like that. Up against the wall, Wif tried to push her away a bit with his tail. Whipping it around, Lucy held her hands up as if pulled up at gunpoint. "Fine, fine. You gotta help me though."

"Help you with what?" Wif stared at her with a piercing look as he stopped defending himself, an attempt to 'paralyze' her. She stood still even without the stare, she was aware of his boundaries by now. "It doesn't work like... I make a gateway and you jump in. I gotta take you there, like, hold you." Of course, of course. These conditions make him want to vomit, he can't stand a single second around her, let alone a damn meet-and-greet. "Is this a cheap tactic to get me to spend more time with you? Do you take me as a joke?" Wif lashed out and beared both his claws and fangs towards her. She shrugs, and almost immediately he'd have a hand wrap around her neck. Not hard enough to choke, but tight to threaten. This was the first time anybody has ever startled Lucy like this.

"Geez, GEEZ OKAY! I don't HAVE to hold you. You just gotta touch me." She was aware to how odd this sounded, chuckling quietly under her breath. Wifxo hears everything. Tightening his grip on her neck, snarling. "I'm not here to make love to you. I'm here to look for my brother." "Dang, no need to get all serious. The least you can do to come with me is to hold my hand." He loosens his grip on Lucy's neck and had his tail wrapped around her leg. "Now go. I don't have much time." He's pretty rude, she thought. Why was she helping him out anyway, if Wif's such a jerk? Whatever.

With a quick snap of the fingers, Lucy and Wif vanish from their universe to travel to a completely different one.
As always, anybody who enters Realtercality would always fall to their doom. Once they arrived they were on the edge of the atmosphere of their Earth, descending to their death. "Oh- CRAP IT'S ONE OF THESE!" Lucy held onto Wif's leg, and in a flash his wings would form from the flesh on his back. His ribs disassemble to form great wings of flesh, to which he swiftly glides down with. He didn't say a word about the abrupt landing as the heels of his feet drag across the forest floor. Lucy still held onto his leg for dear life, and once they arrive she lets go. "God DAMN it. I need to make it so that this never happens again." Wif looks back at her on her knees, giving a small sadistic smirk. "You loved that landing huh? Face all muddy while you were grabbing onto me, definitely didn't regret gripping onto my leg." As he laughed, Lucy rubbed the mud off her face using her jacket's sleeve.

"That isn't funny, Wif." He turned to look straight at him, and because they were the same height, their eyes naturally met. Lucy had her shoulder brushed by him, his tail inching over to trip her as their stare contest prolongued. Filled with flaws, Lucy wouldn't notice. "Then so be it. My humor, not yours." Wifxo waits for her to take a step forward as he walked off, successfully tripping the supernatural human. He was starting to think if she spoke her word, claiming to be more powerful than him. Calling her superior was a huge overstatement at this point as a clumsy pseudo-god such as herself would have the world destroyed due to 'mistakes' and 'unfortunate accidents'.

"God, damn it." Once again she'd be smothered in moist, forest mud and leaves. Wifxo disregards her and moves on, trying to leave her behind. "Hey, hey universe traveling has rules y'know. Be more careful next time, or else I won't be alive to warn you." It wasn't like he cared if she died anyway, she was annoying to him enough. Lucy could tell, his apathetic glare towards the never-ending forest was enough to know that her persuasion was useless. "Could you at least LISTEN to me for once? I don't want you pissing all over yourself trying to figure out why you're fading to a million atomic particles of dust because you 'didn't do anything wrong'. Please." As selfish as he was, he'd have to ask it. "Would you leave me be after you tell me?"

Their walking stops, standing on top of a dimly-lit area of the forest. "Pff, yeah. There's only a little bit of rules, won't be long and you'll be on your way looking for hi-" Go on. I'm listening." The sooner Lucy leaves, the sooner Wifxo would be on his way doing whatever he had to do. "Ugh. Just take the paper, pooper." Lucy wrote down short summaries of the rules, aggressively handing it over to Wif's chest. He clenches the paper enough for it to crumple a bit, smiling as she began to summon her spell for traveling back to her home. "Rude. Ever consider telling me nicely?" Laughter again, Lucy scoffed at his attempt of hypocrisy. "Whatever, just don't die. Will check on you every now and then to make sure you ain't breaking the rules." And just like that, she's gone. Wifxo flipped her off and sits against a large tree stump to look at the crumpled piece of paper she had given him.

Despite how selfish he was, Wif had a debate whether or not to read the rules she had written for him. Then an idea came to his mind: Why read it if Lucy wanted him to? He throws the paper away and begins to scavenge the forest, for food. Any food, whether it be livestock or raw human. Something that bothered him though was the devastating air quality around this area. It was getting him a bit lightheaded, it smelt like a factory was within a two second walk from where he was right now. Wif starts to run where he wouldn't smell it, trying not to pace himself too much as it may cause him to pass out. He eventually eyed a light. A blinding light coming from nearby to which he knew this was a human civilization. Finding his brother in areas like these were like finding a red marble in a box filled with clear ones.

Once jumping a border fence to enter an alley between two man-made buildings, he looked at the people in this universe. They were living normal lives, only... most of them looked like high-intelligence scientists. Nerds, as he compared them to. They looked very different, self-aware of the dangers. Did they adapt? Maybe, but does he care? No. Regarding the air quality, it was better here than in the forest but still a bit difficult to breathe in. Was he in the future? Wifxo eyes a few humans wearing gas masks walking by the alleyway, and decides that the next one would be his victim. He was starving, he couldn't wait to recklessly chow on these 'less oblivious' humans once more.
His first victim.

It was a young adult, looking like he was about age 19-23. Within seconds outside of the forest and town border, he'd devour on his organs. Blood was spilt all over the forest grounds, all the while having little to no sound coming out of the poor human. Wif made sure it wasn't all that messy, often throwing away leaves he used to wipe both his mouth and hands. The thing he most valued from him though, despite the mini-feast, was his mask. Grey and decorated with a green accent, it seemed to be the perfect mask for Wif.

"Thanks for the donation, kid."

He wore it and took a deep breath, facing towards the long forest ahead of him. It was a great decision whether to explore the forest or the village behind him. Thio can't be that smart, can't he? Doubts filled his head as he recalled Thio's thinking style, it was like a wild card of decisions filling his head. Forest, or village? Now at this point Wif thought about what benefitted him, it was way too early to hunt for him anyway. His final answer would be to come back inside the village, not to find his brother, but to find his next victim. Not only did he wish to track his brother, but he wanted to leave his mark on this world. Burning his history onto this new universe like it's nothing; Wifxo wants everybody to remember who he is. And he is certain he will get that reality soon.

His second victim.

Wif waited until the town's curfew, at around 12 AM to target his second meal. A family of three; a Mother, Father and a 9 year-old Daughter. Through the attic window, he enters with the silent handle of his claws and the precise cutting of the window. And as how he always hunts, he stays to the darkness and wears a hood to hide the excitement of his horns. It glowed a bright green, and stook out due to his fur being jet black. The parents were in the basement, he can hear them shuffling underneath the wooden floor. Naive for humans to leave their young child behind to sleep, selfish to work and refuse to look out for ther defenseless, vulnerable child. She squirms inside her blanket, often hugging a plush toy or two that happened to be on her bed. His thirst for blood turned into a lust, he felt like a zombie with a desire for flesh.

"Why are you sleeping so soon?" He could see her look under the bed and out the window. "Daddy...?" His tail would wrap around her wrist, emitting a green glow much like his eyes and horns. The girl shook her hand and looked up at the dark figure that loomed up at the corner of her room, where the tail came from. He looked like a giant bat, staring at her with big green eyes. "Don't be scared. I'm just the monster, under your bed. You kids still have that imagination here, right?" She was too scared to shout for her parents, breathing heavily as he lands on the bed. "M-Momm-" Wif had his mouth covering her mouth from now on. "Do you know what monsters like me do to kids?" The kid shook her head. He could feel the wave of tears drip through his hand's fur, his claws glowing a bright green as veins up his entire arm.

"We eat you right up."

And a BITE to her neck, screams and cries muffled by the tight grip of his hand. Wif digs his claws up her cheeks and... something interesting would happen. He would usually do this to keep his grip on people, however, something was happening. Something new, something he hasn't seen or done before. The green claws would secrete it's green fluid, visibly up her cheeks in a vein-like pattern and reaching her brain. Her eyes slightly glew a green color, the same green as his eyes. Although he noticed this, he went ahead and took her life as painful and slowly possible. "Good job." He took his claws away from inside of her skin and wiped his mouth, soon her body completely going limp once he lets go. Wif licks his fangs and held her body wanting to hide it, however, something was stopping him. Her body... she's dead isn't she? If she was then why is her body still very warm? Her brain and veins, from head to toe, started to glow. He drops the body and jumps back, in a defensive position as he wouldn't know what was going on... yet.

The girl stands up on her own slowly. Wifxo would feel as if he was in her shoes, able to see with her eyes, walk around with her... he would even see himself on the ground, in a trance. "I, I can control." Both the girl and his original body said it in sync. "I CAN CONTROL!" Due to the sheer amount of emotion he felt while recognizing his new power, Wif disconnects from her body and looked at his own hands. They glew green like the girl's veins, the glow pulsating as the claws secrete a fluid from the end like a needle. "I should've read the rules." By the end of his pride, he jumps out the window and lands on all fours, outside the border fence and outside the house.

  • ----------------

Wifxo put the mask over his mouth and walked around the forest the rest of the time, looking up at the canopy of leaves from time to time. It was fall season, he could tell by the amount of leaves that fall on him often. Brown, dead ones. It stuck to his fur, often having to brush them off with his tail. And from the distance, he heard something. Faint running, ahead of him. It was two people. There were two sets of feet, they were running towards him. So, he decides to run away from them too. He'd run quickly, and since he wasn't the most athletic person, he could hear their footsteps grow closer and closer. Eventually they stop, which he stopped as well. Wifxo couldn't afford being seen like this, not today. It was his, what, second day on this world and he's already getting recognized? The child under the bed, she would've already been found by her parents. The skeletal remains in the alley, would make a scent strong enough to draw attention.
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what kind of aniamsl are they supposed to be they have hands and tails and horns and they are horny too what is happening

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