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tell me your favorite food
jacket potatoes. ice cream.
It's kinda like a kfc famous bowl, but instead I tear up a rotisserie chicken, then dump mashed potatoes and corn on it, and stir.
That or just some classic beef fried rice.
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Mashed potatoes and corn mixed together turnes my stomach.
mashed potatoes with sour cream and cheese and bacon... mmm... only thing that could make it better would be macaroni. and garlic bread. and broccoli and peas. and black pepper and pickled jalapenos. actually i think i'm actually describing a baked potato now.
potatoes are such a good food. i bought a 1Lb potato today so i could make pancakes. recipe called for a 1/2 kilo of potato and 1/2 kilo of mushrooms. the 1/2 kilo potato (just one potato; 1/2 kilo is 1.1 Lb) is at least twice as small as the 1/2 kilo box of mushrooms.
Seems like you people like potatoes. Is it because of my username?
Potatoes are gross if they aren't cut into strips and fried. Mashed potatoes and baked potatoes can go fuck themselves.

Small potatoes cut into slices and baked are acceptable too.
yuck, i can't agree with you on the baked small potato front. they're the best part of a baked root vegetable medley, but only because i can't stand baked onions or baked yams. grilled small potatoes however? surprisingly good if you can manage it.
potatoes are good literally any way that they can be made
^ I second that

also, mcdonalds fries > any other fries
Runza fries are better. But, of course, you don't have that, so you wouldn't know.
yeah no never heard of it. I searched it up and they don't look that good tbh, they look dry
crinkle-cut fries are always so promising but never as good as i expect. dry and chewy :(
They're usually crisp, with a perfect amount of salt. You just need a drink to go with them.
that's why I don't like that kind of chips, they're always dry without a drink or sauce
^ I second that

also, mcdonalds fries > any other fries

theyre not so good when you have to shovel them for three hours straight
also, kfc fries are better (oh no dont tell my boss)
Hell no
hell yes
Whataburger fries go hard. Spicy ketchup can't be beat.
hungry jacks fries
If they're anything like Burger King fries, 🤮
I have to agree, Burger King fries are the worst.
wendy's fries are bussin
ok i know everyone hates chic fil a but their fries are beautiful
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