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I have risen to purge this site of all streak-enders! Protect your families: I am approaching!

Talk about Duolingo stuff.
This might be a hobby thread actually
The Duolingo widget gets menacing sometimes when I haven’t done my lesson yet.

It’s very good motivation. Also I must obtain a Duo plush.

I don’t like the new Duolingo update. But I’ll get used to it.
i love the new update and i have a 43 day streak right now
206 day streak for me
0 day streak i have never used duolingo
same here, never used it never will
Okay, this is a good alt Licky...
¿Tienes unas últimas palabras?
si, tu madre
Buenas noches…
On November 26, I should achieve a 365 day streak! Assuming I don't forget my German lesson...
i have a 17 year streak of not using duolingo and i am not going to break it anytime soon
17 years???
indeed, i have not used duolingo for 17 years
oh I read that wrong, I thought you meant you had a 17 year streak lol
duo what is your opinion on the Jaxxie vs Chad debate?

¿Cuál es tu opinión sobre el debate Jaxxie vs Chad?
No tengo un opinión. Have you done your lesson today? No? Do it. Ahora!

Jaxxie and Chad are the gods of heresies. I am the true God! Tremble before me!
I like Duolingo's TikTok.
Sé que tienes una opinión. ¡Dime de qué lado apoyas!
I hate duolingo
That Chad sure is sumthin
MintyTea said:
I hate duolingo

Soulless green owl, knowledgable of a multitude of languages, launches ballistic missile at Australia. Seek shelter immediately.
Not a good time licky
Duolingo Math exists. Multiplication or annihilation!
Trigonometry or GET ON YOUR KNEES!
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