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Story behind your username. No thread like this for five pages, last thread was 2012.

Woop Woop! was the name I used for a game. Name was terrible; eventually I made an alt, though up something random, I wanted Lucky, a dog I used to know back in Michigan, but some user already debuted that name so I just switched the u for an i. Licky, my alt. I liked Licky more, so eventually I combined the two names, thus we have W_Licky. The W represents the first long term username I ever had on anything online, even before a personal email.
Coldfrost is the only person who may know my origin.
I was 13 and was discovering how cool chemistry was and I was also interested in ancient history and one day I was reading about metal alloys on Wikipedia and came across pewter and how it was used a lot in ancient times so I started reading about pewter and when I got done with that I read about antimony because it’s in pewter and I had never heard of antimony so I started reading about antimony compounds and found antimony pentafluoride and how it’s super corrosive and poisonous and has a lot of cool properties and I was like “this is a really really cool chemical”. Then I found twocans and made my username antimony pentafluoride.

Also just a shout out to Full Metal Alchemist because that helped a lot with getting me interested in science.
marky marc?
That was simply me being incredibly high on opioids for about two or three weeks after a spine surgery.
i remember a story about u and donating blood?
If you can remember it let me know, because I’ve donated blood a lot of times and that was so long ago. I had another one called Io and that was from reading about moons.
it's the story about ur mom finding out about ur marky marc account

either u told people while i was on tcas or i was looking through old posts.
Ooooh that. Wait shit… now I’m getting my memories out of order. I must have made that account before my spine surgery then because if that was the account she found, then she would have found it before the surgery because yes, she did find it when I was sitting in the blood donation chair. Only I wasn’t donating blood that time, I was actually banking my own blood so they wouldn’t have to give me a random person’s blood during the surgery. Only they did end up giving me a random person’s blood too because I lost a lot of blood during that procedure.

I have a very very hazy recollection of late 2010-2012.

To be honest though, I can’t quite remember what made me go with that username. Because it turns out it actually was from being incredibly high on opioids. Because now I’m actually remembering. I made the account Io before my my surgery when I was going through a lot, my mom found that account, and she made a twocans account to watch for if it was online. So I asked Blake to change the username of that account to Marky Marc because she was letting me use it before my surgery but made me stop afterward. If you go look up […]/users/io it’s not there anymore but anyone who’s been here since then probably remembers Io.

God damn that was a fucked up time in my life.
My username is simply my name backwards. Nothing interesting there, except for the dash.
Mine's on other forums, look for it
my username, while deceivingly simple, has a very long and embarrassing backstory that i will only tell if 100 people want to hear it
I am 100 people combined into one body, please tell.
e-bag said:
My username is simply my name backwards. Nothing interesting there, except for the dash.

bruhhh how did i never realize this 😭

anyway my story is that my OG username was mrchikan and apparently "chikan" means pervert in japanese so yeah then i changed to axolotl cuz why not
e-bag said:
I am 100 people combined into one body, please tell.
did i mention i am also a pathological liar
Darn! No you did not. It seems I will never get your origin story.
I will give you back 10% of your soul if you tell us, stripes.

Just a simple bribe.
make it 20%
stripes will say how my username came to be
i decided that bug was your name when i thought your other name was too hard to spell

edit: bug has corrected me apparently i thoight the various usernames was too hard to spell so i tried to call you something you wouldnt like but you decided to love it fun fact me and bug used to be arch enemies
Lost my old account on this site so I just put in the first thing that came to mind, which was amogus
hey what’s your old account we didn’t know this!!!
my username came to be after the first attempt of making oblivi0n & accidentally misspelling my email & i cant get that back. also it came from an another name that i wanna go by irl (not the main chosen name)
I thought of a minecraft username that rhymed in 6th grade. It has stuck with me.

The X was because it sounds much cooler than adding numbers.
Ackyyackyattack is an acronym that happens to spell out something relatively silly.
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