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I've seen this quite a lot recently, so this thread was born.
Answer this question, and then I will see it and update the list which will appear below.
If you don't feel like answering the question, dm me or put it in this thread and i will add it to the list. Yes, you can nominate multiple people. No, this thread is not for my own personal gain.
2 for coldfrost
2 for ackyackyattack
2 for bug
1 for erenyeager202
1 for blake
1 for stripes
1 for caveat
1 for antimony pentaflouride
1 for everyone
Oh please no. Don’t do this.
Whats wrong?
No. Just don’t.
I dont get why its bad? whats wrong?
One of you is gonna get your feelings hurt and this thread will turn into a fit. That’s what happens every time someone makes a “favorite users” thread on any forum.
i'm trying to raise peoples spirits, not make them bad. its anonymous. nobody kn ows who nominated them.
Almost no “favorite users” thread is posted without good intentions. You wait and see, though. I can’t keep y’all from making your own mistakes.
thanks for the concern, but i just wanna see if it works out well. if people get mad, ill shut it down.
Just ask people who their favorite users are in their blogs. Doing this sitewide makes it suddenly the "better" users, and that will hurt people.

Now let's leave this thread, gently and let it go unnoticed.
i will also take the lists that others posted in their blogs, but i want the answer sectioners to have a say too.
plus, then it can also remain anonymous and nobody will get mad at eachother for choosing somebody else.
p.s. somebody in the answer section said me but im not gonna put it in because i feel bad that its the first answer.
why is the question
51 school shootings last year that resulted in deaths.

There are 160-180 school days in a year in America.

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hmm thats weird let me fix that
You can’t control what happens after you open the box. There’s angels and demons alike in there.
okay i fixed it bug
okie dokes, we have our first nomination!
an anonymous user nominated the user erenyeager202
My least favourite user is antimony pentafluoride.
My least favourite user is antimony pentafluoride.
Judging from her moaning last night, your mom seems to think differently.
I don't see how my mother moaning would indicate anything about my least favourite forum user.
Can’t talk. Busy. Your mom wants the D.
hey hey hey, this thread isnt here for your least favourites.
  • redacted-
my favorite user is me
no way same
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