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welp whats up yall idek where to start just got done doing a year in jail got my face tatted more ink on my arms started needle use and got kicked out of rehab 3 of my good friends died 2 OD'ed one got murdered i got shot twice again and now im in kentucky in owensborro at a long term rehab trying to get my stuff togeather but yeah hows life on your end yall
wow. yeet yeet for sure
Dude I am so sorry to hear about all of that. I hope you’re doing better now and I really hope this new long term treatment works out well. Tons and tons of people have problems with that kind of stuff so feel free to talk about it if you need. I absolutely won’t judge you for it, and I doubt anyone here would either. And if they do, we’ll kick over their sand castles.
yeet yeet