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This was one of my favourite threads, but I'm going to open it up a little more.

Post either the stupidest thing that's been said today or the thing that made you laugh the hardest.
Me: You know Robert?
Classmate 1: Huh?
Me: Yeah, the gothic-punk guy that lived in the apartment downstairs from me.
Classmate 1: No...
Me: Well anyhow, we got twins...
Classmate 2: You what?!

To my defence that is completely taken out of context.
This conversation happened.

I will not admit who the people involved were.

"I do not know what that means, and I do not want to know."


"That ad, for birth control? Just said it was to be used 'after venting pregnancy.' I'm trying to avoid visuals."

"... It said 'At preventing pregnancy.'"

Said quite loudly in class: "Strangling? I dont do that."

*accidental sex joke* "Well, Natalie's the only one on my head at the moment."
*customer signs receipt*
Oh shoot! I used my real name! Can you reprint it so I can do it again?
Lovely. xD

"It's bad when you can feel a guy's pube fro through his pants, but not his penis."

It would have been a lot funnier if the girl wasn't completely right.
It would also be funnier if he had an afro on his head.

Just saying.
That it would have been.

"Heathy! Don't go outside! What if there are zombies? Or dragons? Or zombie dragons?"
N: "Why do your boobs itch so much lately?"
A: "I don't know! That's like asking a guy why his nuts itch."
N: "Well..."
A: "No, don't go there. I don't wanna hear it."
"DUDE! Tell her to bathe!"
"That's not nice."
"And you are?"

My friends are such catty bitches. xD
Careful is my middle name!
Not the one that made me laugh the most, but my mother exploded with laughter.

I stood in the kitchen making dinner and my dad is vacuum-cleaning.

I: Dad. Please move. You're in my way.
Dad: You move.
I: No! I am the woman here, and I am in the kitchen cooking! So you are the one who is supposed to be moving!

My friend was explaining how he hated puns, when my drummer agreed with him, saying, 'No one needs to endure that kind of punishment!' I lost it.
^Have you seen the price of balloons, these days?
Well, that's inflation for you.
^I definitely burst out laughing at that and freaked out my roommate :)

Sitting at dinner with a couple of friends...
"I'm pretty sure that girl has three desserts! Really, three. Come on, have some dignity!"

and then later, at the dessert table...
"Oh my gosh, everything looks so good!...I see why she had three desserts now!"
"So a chicken and a turnip fall down the hill and after reaching the bottom the turnip turns to the chicken and says "oops!"
I love my friends.
Me: "Does that shirt make me look gay in a 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'-kind of way?"
Roommate: "Nah."
Me: "Good."
Roommate: "It does, however, make you look gay in a 'Pink Flamingo'-kind of way"
Me: "Wait wat? O.o"
^Ha. xD

"Gosh! If sex is the question, I *hope* violence isn't the answer!"
"If my pen breaks, can I put pizza on it?"
"Heather has a boyfriend!"
"Yes, she does."
"Wait, what? Really?" [Angerface]
"He hit me with his shuttlecock!"
"That's what she said."
My best friend: "I'm sorry for being vulgar!... my mom made me say that. I didn't mean it."
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