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"clothes should be made of blankets" - me, while high.
I agree actually.
why would they do that to you
"theres the one that wasn't a remake, and is actually the end, and then theres the one that's a remake and the start. can you remember for me? i'm too tired." - also me
"We need a catchy name for our friend group that evokes our collective immaturity, stupidity, impulsivity, and chaotic nature....

...The Foolhardy Pool Party"
"I need jesus." ~ Richard from 4th Period
"John, I found papa's old pipe. Should we smoke it?"

"Yea, sure. I don't see why not."

*vigorous coughing for about 8 minutes, with a few words mixed in*

- My sister, performing a play she made with a friend.
*talking about video game avatar* "What should I upgrade?"



  • some peoples in our friend group, 2019
"It sucks but, do it anyway" - Ben Folds

Great for when you need a little motivation to complete the task at hand.
"I got beans in my beans"
  • Reid Yoder
"Shock me daddy."
"Fourenheit fair-fifty one" One of my classmates
"What's your opinion on thighs?"
"I want my skull to be crushed by them."

My friends in our group chat
The best way to go out.
I prefer to be crushed in a baler.
Or at least lose a few limbs to one.
Leave! And Never return!

Nooooooo plz come back Im lonely
Hee hee! Shamonah!
he runs it through google translate first so none of the quotes can be connected back to him

“Why does Spanish have shorter words than American”

A kid in my Spanish class
"I win! You lose! Ha ha ha! That's what you get for messin' with Koopa the Quick! Better luck next time!"
Came from a model essay we looked at.

"...infused with tannic acids and other chemicals that protect against fungal rot..."

Out of context, that sounds weird.
"pee your pants to stay warm"

  • sun tzu, the art of war
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