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Why would they want any form of weapon? To kill, of course.
No, but the context. What situation was the government in that they thought the best way to kill someone would be to blow them up with a fridge?
World War II. They originally wanted to send it to Hitler, but he committed suicide before they could use it on him. They sent it to Japan instead.

There's a mushroom cloud in most of my PFPs for a reason, guys
Hey, I haven't been on here in a while, but I remember you!
The shit they tried in WWII always makes me laugh. Bat bombs were my favourite idea.
I liked when allied spies tried to lace Hitler's food with estrogen to make him more woman-like. That one was wild.

Kylljoy said:
There's a mushroom cloud in most of my PFPs for a reason, guys

You're telling me you have a PFP that DOESN'T have an explosion in the background?
"if you play it at 0.5x speed, a massive orgy breaks out"
Grayseff said:
The shit they tried in WWII always makes me laugh. Bat bombs were my favourite idea.

Cold War strategies were good too. Don't forget about the million dollar spy cat that was run over on the way to the Soviet Consulate.
I see you also watched WTF101
Kylljoy said:
Kylljoy said:
World War II. [...]
They sent it to Japan instead.

I think we may be using the word "refrigerator" differently.
"Yes, but there's one thing that's been bothering me. If the defendant really was hiding in this bag then... how did he tie the knot from the outside of the bag!? If he was inside the bag, it'd be impossible for him to tie that knot on the outside!"
gws said:
I think we may be using the word "refrigerator" differently.

No, he built the refrigeration unit for the bomb. It kept it cool for the drop so the triggering mechanism didn't prematurely activate, and in the case of the Little Boy, it cooled the reaction down to prolong fission before explosion.

The refrigeration unit was on the outside of the bomb. When it dropped, it exploded. Technically the inside of the refrigerator is what caused the explosion, but in the end, the refrigerator did explode.

If a car explodes from a car bomb, you don't say "that was a car that was torn apart by a bomb", you say "that was an exploding car". My grandfather built an exploding refrigerator.
Okay "refrigerator" is not at issue, it's just most of English semantics and sentence structure that we differ on. Cool, cool.
Thanks for clearing that up. I was very confused by the jump from exploding fridge to N U K E.
I've always found the use of "semantics" to dismiss what is perceived as petty, unimportant/pedantic differences confusing, since semantics is the study of meaning. But perhaps I just don't understand it. I've never been good at philosophy.
"as a walk through the valley in the shadow of death


"I have a funny story I wish I could tell you. But I can't, because that would be treason"
- My grandfather

My family is weird
"it's hard to remember why i left
psychopathic social reject

i don't wanna know i don't needa know
i don't wanna be like you

i feel it all conceal it every time i feel like you"
You could see his FEET over there and his HEAD is here; what did you think was going to be in the middle?!
"Prada is okay, but never buy Gucci. That asshole Aldo starved my horses, I swore I would never buy Gucci again."

- My grandfather

So many great quotes from this last family reunion
I need to hear more about Kylljoy's grandfather
Kylljoy I'd really appreciate a thread dedicated to your grandfather. Maybe explaining these quotes a bit more too.

He sounds like an incredibly interesting dude.
"What we're doing here is illegally legal. I'm not sure if it's a monopoly if I'm technically a criminal, but when you've basically taken over Vegas, it's a moot point."

- My uncle, the soft-spoken, kindhearted drug dealer, when introducing us to his army of scientists and botanists.
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