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Uno, tomas cuatro.
Ah yes.

One four tomatoes.
Si. Muy bueno.
Me: Alright, can somebody tell me what word is next in this poem? This little piggy went to...

Zoey: Target!!

My multivariable professor just casually mentioned that his multivariable professor got picked up for child pornography when he was in college. And that his Chemistry TA got arrested for first-degree murder.

He said this in the middle of a lecture, unrelated to what we were talking about.
Professors are some deeply eccentric folk.
I may be alone, but I'm not lonely.
person on football team "I like wedgies I could have a wedgie all day"
How'd a muppet like you get passed selection?
"I can only imagine how terrifying that is, not only to be hit by a tsunami, but one filled with old-growth trees and angry grizzly bears" - My Calc III professor.
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That is disgusting and disturbing, pedophilia and rape is not humorous
Yeah... maybe DONT post that shit here...
In my day we didn't stare at birds, we fought them!
"To show the surface, instantly stopping the power of Flex Tape."

orokara haikanko
sore wa anataga anatano kyodai
kogarana otoko, to sakai suru name no jenken desu!

  • probably very incorrect translation from google translate
-bill wurtz
"Why not"

  • Bill Wurtz
"the sun is a deadly laser"
-bill wurtz
"Oh, okay"
  • Bill Wurtz
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