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"Rainbow Batman"
  • A very handsome man
"hello, i am talking on a gourn... a gourd? i think its a gourd. that's my video for today, bye!"
  • me, age 6
My 7 year old son
Gabe-"When I grow up I'm going to have a baby and it's going to hurt my vagina so bad."
Me - "...what?"
Gabe- " yeah because when you had the twins it's hurt your vagina for months." So when I have my babies its going to hurt my vagina."
Me- " but you have a penis."

Also, he pronounces vagina...bagina.
That's how I pronounce it.
"Let's devour the Chinese for a little bit!"

  • Someone named Pravus, who I am not a regular viewer of but might become a watcher of.
"The air cackles with freedom"

  • coldfrost
"It is armed with all of the powers of a breakfast"
"What part of the vegetable can you not eat? The wheelchair."

  • My dad.
"Who are you, and why do you know so much about car wash protocols?"
i love murder
I didn't know you knew vorp.
"Do you ever just want to look at someone while driving to see if they look as stupid as they drive?"
"Why is it always on Roast Day?"
Ok, who likes fortnite???
  • random teacher from 2016
"I need a bit of fear to finish also. That why I love getting choked"
"I wank to nothing"
kay, if I... if I chop you up in a meat grinder, and the only thing that comes out, that's left of you, is your eyeball, you'r- you're PROBABLY DEAD!
"Something tells me that Oshiro isn't going to catch Madeline." A commentator during the TASBot run of SGDQ 2018
"dylan's got monkeypox because hes a monkey"

dylan's asian btw
"But no, Madeline sure but, HOW ARE YOU BREATHING?"
  • Failboat playing Celeste: Farewell
failboat is great
"And because the hungry hungry baby ate too many people, it exploded. america wins again. I am the president."

  • The president.
"I would like ten apples."

  • Woman.
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