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"Jack: Not another hole!"
"Jill: Holes are scary! Why do we always have to go down holes?!"
"There's gonna be some low-hanging rocks on this tour, so if you hear the person in front of you yell 'ow', then just duck down a little lower than them."
  • Our tour guide.
"My chainsaw will rip through your flesh, and the flesh of your family and friends. I don't spare babies either. I'm coming to murder everyone you love."
  • Nintendo game.
"we're just on a floating rock"

"with trees and water"
  • kids in my class
"Hi, you're on a rock, floating in space. Pretty cool, huh?"

  • Bill Wurtz
i love bill wurtz
And there he was, Remy, spinning horizontally. What a miracle of nature.
"i love bill wurtz"
  • bug
this kid: do you want a boyfriend
me: *shakes my head*
kid: WHAT! you're crazy
"Poopy balls! Poopy balls!"

  • The Click.
From a YT comment of Confronting Myself from the Celeste OST:
When listening to epic music: "I have superpowers!"
When listening to sad music: "Help, i have depression..."
When listening to Celeste music: "Help, my depression has superpowers!"
when men know not what to do , they ought not to do they know not what
john adams
"It do be what it is. Not what we wish it was or what we think it ought to be."

  • Man picking up rocks
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