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Hey did anyone finds any fails today?
If so, post 'em here.
I'm assuming you mean stuff that people have messed up or tried to do that didn't work.

A teacher asked what year level I was in at least 4 times today. She's my P.E teacher and this is the second year she's had me.
This is kinda immature, but I giggled.

There's a sign for a restaurant that has this cow that looks very intense and excited--kinda demonic. The sign is supposed to read "Prepare yourself for Angus!" but the 'g' seems to have fallen off.
My friend sent me a picture of a sign she saw at the beach. It read "T shit instead of T shirt".
I found three grammar mistakes on posters in my school library....hypocrisy!! :P
There is this folding wooden sign that I see every now and then on the sidewalk that says "Bikes for Sale -- All so locks." I feel like crying whenever I pass it -- and this is on the campus of a respected college.
Zubonic said:

No hard feelings, but... I think I just found a fail. XD
One would only hope that, when making a thread, they're the first one posting in it. :P