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If it's your birthday click here.

I guess it's time for a new "Happy Birthday!" thread. Woo! Who's excited? I am cause, it's my birthday!
If it's your birthday and you want everyone to know, post it here. =^__^=
Happy Birthday Dust!! ^^
Happy Birthday?
Happy birthday to Liv and myself!
Oh yah, I forgot. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Kexja :D
Thanks, Io. I love you! :D
Happy birthday Kexja!
Happy birthday Olivia! Happy birthday Kexja!
Happy birthday! :)
Happy birthday Liv and Kexja. I hope you both had fun on your birthday.
Today is my BIRTHDAY!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy birthday! :)
...And, it's my birthday.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday Charli :) I hope your day will be great!
It's my parrty, I'll cry if I want to, cryy if I want to.

I can legally donate blood as of today. :) I am excited.
I would rather you smile all day.

Good, you finally made it :)
Also gonna say happy birthday to Never in here, just to do things properly.

Annnnnnnd maaaanyyyy mooooooooore!!!! ;)
Happy Birthday!!
^I thought that was a link >_<
Mine's tomorrow.
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